torstai 26. tammikuuta 2012

Thailand part 7. New years eve & loads of cake!

I just realized I'm month behind in blogging.... well, soon I'm finished with thai posts and then I can catch up with the normal blogging! Anyways, here's my New years eve look!

Now when I look back, I feel like I should've add somekind of necklace.... It would've completed the look. Everything in this outfit was bought from our trip to Pattaya. The amount of hairspray in my hair that night should be illegal, but imo it turned out pretty cool!

Our New year partying was nothing special. We had bought overpriced tickets to this Mae Phim New year bash-thingy and from reading the flyer of the event, we were expecting a lot. It turned out to be nothing special- buffet food ( I'm not fan of buffet food anyways, reminds me of school cafeteria), open bar that wasn't really what you'd expect ( meaning we got one free non-alcoholic welcome drink), cute but musically untalented girl band and games that you could win plushies from ( I tried to win a big Rilakkuma plushie but failed, bohoo ;_;). Almost 1000 baht for practically nothing!

Didn't take too long for us to get bored and head to our favourite beach bar to spend the rest of the night. Most of the staff was gone and the bar was almost empty so we chatted with the owner for most of the night! We also hanged out in the beach watching fireworks and sky lanterns.

Tried to take picture of the sky lanters since they're the prettiest thing ever but failed :<

Since I can't figure out how to logically post these, I'll just post these in the end of this one ... My stepbrother had his birthday right after New year, so we had ordered a cake from local bakery!

Pink is a very manly colour! Oh and don't ask why the text is in swedish, I really don't know. This one had overly sweet chocolate filling, after eating half of one tiny slice, you felt sick for the next hour.

Chalee, a thai man who owned some sort of an tour business and helped us with a lot of things, turned out to own a bakery also. In the morning he stopped by and brought us another cake. He had written '' Happy birthday & congratulations'' in finnish on top of it, how sweet! We had so much cake we had to invite our neighbours over so we could finish them both lol.

                                             ♥ Rady

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  1. I'm really enjoying your Thai trip updates!! You're so precious!
    I am so behind in posting because of my Japan trip posts xD So, I know how you're feeling! <3

  2. Thailand would be an awesome place to spend a New Year's Eve :)

    Japan Australia

  3. Awww, the horrid thai pastry cakes!! Haha, I feel bad in my stomach now.. I remember how I celebrated my 5th (turning 5) birthday in Thailand and I got such a cake.. Would you believe that Thai Teens/children actually LOVES EATING THEM? (/ 。 ∀ 。)... //hurl. But, your NYs look is smashing! Gosh. I look like a pig on BBQ grill on mine photos from NewY Eve >A< It was so killer in Central BKK .. shisus.

  4. Love your hair in these pictures! :D