tiistai 24. tammikuuta 2012

Thailand part 6. Koh Samed!

On some of our last days in Thailand, we decided to go check out Koh Samed! We drove to Bahn Phe with our scooters, left them to port and continued to the island with ferry.
When we got to the island we rented few scooters, thinking it would be easy to travel around with them
Me and Santra picked one with some bling- bling! Guess what? It totally wasn't. We had read that Koh Samed roads are a bit bumpy. Well, it seems that a bit bumpy = road partially missing or road that is full of huuuuge rocks. It was quite an adventure to drive around the island to say at least... But in some way it was quite fun, even though my butt was sore from all the jumping XD
First, we drove to the first proper looking beach we could find.

Cute Santra is cute

Chocolate chip dorayaki for beach snack! I'm heartbroken that these can't be found anywhere in Finland, yummiest thing ever ;___;

Soon the beach got quite crowded so we decided it was time to look for more peaceful place!

After driving almost across the whole island in the burning hot sun we were so thirsty and close to death that we decided that we'd stop to this resort's beach, no matter how crowded it'd be.

To our suprise, we found almost empty and fabulous bay! Lucky us. We couldn't hang out for a long though, driving in those crazy roads took double or triple the time it normally would... too bad :<

You know what? Looking at these photos HURTS. It's like 985787 cm of snow outside and when I go out I have to wear two knits and a thick jacket. I'm so sick of this coldness, I'm ready to go right back, thnx!

♥ Rady

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  1. I'd love to be on a beach in Thailand right about now. It is snowing in Tokyo!!

    Japan Australia

  2. Come back soon na~ Songkran is just 2-3 months away, defiantly one of Thailands best traditional holidays that you in a life should never miss out!!

    1. Oh it would be so cool to be around when the Songkran takes place, I want to throw water at ppl too! ;_;

  3. Wow, it looks so beautiful there! Those scooters look fun haha