torstai 19. tammikuuta 2012

Thailand part 5. Pattaya!

On this day, we decided to take a small shopping trip to Pattaya (or dad, me and Santra shopping,others went to play golf. On the way there, we stopped to Chang Siam elephant...something, can't remember.

Bought tickets to ride an elephant. Seriously, I feel really bad for the elephants, all they do is walk the same path over and over again, carrying tourists. Some of the elephants were even less lucky, they just stood there chained all day and had tourist taking photos on their tusks. Felt bad to pay for the ticket and therefore support this kinda activities :(

We were both sure that we were going to drop at any moment. See the fear on our faces ?

Yay family photo yay

There was also bunch of other stuff to do but I felt bit sick and I really didn't want to support the way I had seen them treat the animals so I waited with Santra while others went to catch sharks or something.

Random fact about me; Koi is my favourite fish and couple times I've seriously considered getting a tattoo of Koi.

After spending enough time there, we headed to Pattaya for some serious shopping !

All the shopping centres were quite fancy, clearly built for tourist (like everything in Pattaya, or at least it seemed like it). On top of this one (can't recall the name), there was AWESOME Starbucks. Ok it was just like any other Starbucks except...

THE VIEW! You could see everywhere from there, to the beach street, all the skyscrapers, everything.

There was also a Ripley's amusement park in the shopping centre! We only tried this ride. See that man dressed as a clown? He actually comes inside the ride, appearing out of nowhere and scares the shit out of you. You've been warned.

Another fairly odd experience outside Central world shopping centre. Fish spa, aka fishes eating dead skin off your feet. Tickled a lot, 20 minutes of hysterical laughing guaranteed. My feet were amazingly soft afterwards though!

My dinner that night; slime salad. Ok, for real it was called spicy glassnoodle salad but the glassnoodles looked exactly like slime.

All in all, Pattaya was fun experience but I couldn't help feeling like that if I had to spend more than couple of days there, my head would explode. Especially at night time, too much people tryign to sell you crap, too much go-go bars. And wayyy too much tourists. It felt kinda soothing to get back to Mae Phim after the day in Pattaya.

♥ Rady

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  1. Yeah you really have to take care of what you support in Thailand. Like the people walking around with animals on the streets that offers you to take a picture with the animals. The animals are in most cases drugged so they are more relaxed and wont attack. It's horrible.

    Anyways the view from that starbucks is amazing! And i love how thailand have funny stuff in the malls like an amusement park or even a zoo. Not something you would expect.

  2. That's so sad about the animals. It's terrible that they do that just to make money :/

    Otherwise, it looks like you had a fun time. I'd love to go on that Ripley's ride!

  3. Yeah, I've heard about the fish that eat the dead skin off your feet and its meant to be really good for you :)

    Japan Australia

  4. Nooooooooo you do shopping wrong ; A ; Everyone goes to Bangkok for shopping! Even my family comes here for shopping for clothes/whatnot/etc; Ohohoho~ But, looked nice, for a better "elefant ride" going to Hua Hin would have been a better choice, not only it's better in a whole with the nature and they're not chained and as "caged up" compared to Pattaya, but yeah must have been fun! Haven't that eversince my last family trip to here and that won't happen again ke :3

  5. Haku: we went to Bangkok also, haven't had time to blog about it yet! And last time we were in Thailand we were in Hua hin and went to elephant ride there, it was soo much better than one in Pattaya XD

    Maria may: They had obiously drugged tigers in the elephant park , felt so bad to look at it :<