tiistai 17. tammikuuta 2012

Thailand part 4. The turtle island!

On christmas day, we got on a speedboat and headed to Koh Mannat where Queen's sea turtle conservation project is located.

The whole island had been turned into a big turtle conservation station! I think this area was some sort of a turte nursery, it was filled with pools where the turtles were swimming in

There were cute and tiny baby turtles...

...as well as these big and fat ones! I wonder why the big ones don't get to swim like the babies do :(

There was also a museum filled with all kinds of turtle-related stuff. Some bottled turtle organs, for example.

..and bottled baby turtles. Ewww.

Since the island was really tiny, we could easily walk around the whole place in about an hour. I was looking the most fabulous, but I was on vacation so it's ok. I guess. Love my chicken shirt though.

The sights were really pretty but unfortunately...

...there was shitloads of crap EVERYWHERE. You'd think that a preservation station would also try to preserve their nature but I guess not.

On the way back to the mainland, we stopped to do some fishing and snorkeling. Our speedboat driver catched a squid! Moment after taking this pic, it sprayed ink on him as a revenge.

I couldn't resist posting this pic, I think Santra looks so cute with snorkles lol!

♥ Rady

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  1. aww they're so cute D: makes me really want to travel somewhere when seeing how diverse other places are