sunnuntai 15. tammikuuta 2012

Thailand part 3. Christmas eve by the beach!

Christmas eve in Mae Phim was seemed just like any other day. Only thing that reminded us that it's actually Christmas were american christmas carols played in beach-side mini market and few '' Merry christmas'' -signs by the doors of few shops amd restauraunts (mostly on those which owners were westerners)

So instead of glogg and christmas ham, we had margaritas by the beach and probably some super yummy seafood in our Christmas menu.Didn't mind at all, I hate almost all finnish christmas foods and I've been turning into a major seafood lover. I think I ate seafood EVERY SINGLE DAY on our trip lol.

A picture of a puppy just because that puppy was too cute and loveable ;__; I know what mom always said about playing with stray dogs but........couldn't help it

We didn't spend too much time with our family either. After having dinner with them, we headed back to beach to check out christmas lights ( or new year-lights, I don't know) and sky lanterns some locals sent from the beach. Ended up finding ourselves from Tequila Sunrise's happy hour. So much for the traditional Christmas! Maybe next year. Or not. In the end, I might actually prefer this type of Christmas.

♥ Rady

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  1. Aw~ Such a nice way to spend Christmas~ And weather is just so perfect there ;-;

  2. A Summer Christmas! That must have been a new experience for you. We usually have a BBQ and a day at the beach for Christmas in Australia :)

    Japan Australia

  3. I loved your outfit *---*
    It seems that you had fun <33

  4. Hehee thankies! It sure was a great way to spend Xmas!