tiistai 31. tammikuuta 2012

Weekend activities!

Hi guys, now I can finally get back to normal blogging !

I thought I'd start off my regular updates with posting pics from last weekend, it would feel weird to post weeks old stuff and I'd probably never catch up...

Starting from last Thursday, not exactly weekend but close enough! I had a small photoshoot for local newspaper since I wrote a column they're going to publish next monday and they wanted to publish a photo next to it. Here's the outfit I wore that day:

I wanted to look bit more mature than usually lol. I actually liked the look quite a lot! Oh and sorry about the weird editing, I posted this on twitter already and copied it straight from there.

Skirt-CPS (from Thailand)
Shirt- Vintage style by Indy (from Thailand)
Knit- Gina tricot 

On Friday, Santra wanted company for solarium and shopping so I went to Helsinki with her.

Dress- Liz Lisa
Knit- Gina tricot
Shoes- Not rated (from Thailand)

Because it was cold like in Siberia, we decided that it was time for some Roberts coffee's hot chocolate! Santra took regular with whipped cream and I took the white chocolate one. I swear I'm never ordering it again, it was so sweet that it feels like your teeth will melt off due to sugar overdose. I felt sick after just drinking half of it : <

Solarium we went to was Golden Sun in Kaisaniemi metro station. I recommend it, it's on the great spot, it's cheap (only 3 euros for 12 minutes!) and  the machines are really easy to use :3 I've been quite scared of going to solarium because the closed ''box'' reminds me of coffin but after few try outs I've been starting to enjoy it a lot!

On Saturday, we had a movie night with some Japanese and Korean high-quality films!

Alien vs. Ninja, Vampire girl vs. Frankstein girl and The good, the bad and the weird! My favourite was the one in the middle, it was so damn weird lol.

Too bad that half of us left before we took any pictures, bohoo. Anyways, I had great time! What's better than good company, some drinks and weird movies?

Outfit was nothing special but I'll post it anyway. Don't judge me for wearing the same knit three days in a row, I'm just madly in love with it : <
Skirt- from Thailand
Knit- Gina tricot

As a last thing, I really wanted to share this picture I already posted on Twitter! We did some massive cookies on Sunday! Fat booth Dr.Phil as a size reference.

Okie, that was all peeps! Soon I'm off to driving school~

♥ Rady

sunnuntai 29. tammikuuta 2012

Thailand part. 8 Bangkok!

Hi guys, ready for the final part of the Thailand post serie? Here we go!

Early in ´the morning, we got on the taxi and drove two to three hours from Mae Phim to Bangkok

We kept ourselves entertained by taking stupid photos lol. These are the most internet friendly ones.

Our plans for Bangkok: shopping, shopping and more shopping! First stop was Central world shopping centre.

It was super fancy place! I should've taken a photo of the doorman, he had the most glamorous looking uniform. Felt weird that a shopping mall had a doorman, something you don't see in Finland lol.

Midget and a huuuuuge christmas tree!

After hours of shopping in Central world and accidentally in Isetan also, we to have lunch in Black canyon coffee. We went there in Pattaya also and I actually think I prefer Black canyon over Starbucks, their iced tea drinks AMAZING. This green tea frappe was a little piece of heaven really.

Every tourist's must have tourist photo with big buildings.

We continued to Siam paragon and Siam center. I would've needed like three extra days, we practically had to run through them. Didn't even have time to cry litres of bloody tears in shoe store that sold Jeffrey Campbell, bohoo. Time flied and soon it was time to head to airport.

Even the airport was filled with beautiful things. Made leaving even harder.

Ok, now I've gotten trough all of my Thailand- related stuff. Only took a month lol. I'll be back soon with some regular updates, stay tuned ppl!


torstai 26. tammikuuta 2012

Thailand part 7. New years eve & loads of cake!

I just realized I'm month behind in blogging.... well, soon I'm finished with thai posts and then I can catch up with the normal blogging! Anyways, here's my New years eve look!

Now when I look back, I feel like I should've add somekind of necklace.... It would've completed the look. Everything in this outfit was bought from our trip to Pattaya. The amount of hairspray in my hair that night should be illegal, but imo it turned out pretty cool!

Our New year partying was nothing special. We had bought overpriced tickets to this Mae Phim New year bash-thingy and from reading the flyer of the event, we were expecting a lot. It turned out to be nothing special- buffet food ( I'm not fan of buffet food anyways, reminds me of school cafeteria), open bar that wasn't really what you'd expect ( meaning we got one free non-alcoholic welcome drink), cute but musically untalented girl band and games that you could win plushies from ( I tried to win a big Rilakkuma plushie but failed, bohoo ;_;). Almost 1000 baht for practically nothing!

Didn't take too long for us to get bored and head to our favourite beach bar to spend the rest of the night. Most of the staff was gone and the bar was almost empty so we chatted with the owner for most of the night! We also hanged out in the beach watching fireworks and sky lanterns.

Tried to take picture of the sky lanters since they're the prettiest thing ever but failed :<

Since I can't figure out how to logically post these, I'll just post these in the end of this one ... My stepbrother had his birthday right after New year, so we had ordered a cake from local bakery!

Pink is a very manly colour! Oh and don't ask why the text is in swedish, I really don't know. This one had overly sweet chocolate filling, after eating half of one tiny slice, you felt sick for the next hour.

Chalee, a thai man who owned some sort of an tour business and helped us with a lot of things, turned out to own a bakery also. In the morning he stopped by and brought us another cake. He had written '' Happy birthday & congratulations'' in finnish on top of it, how sweet! We had so much cake we had to invite our neighbours over so we could finish them both lol.

                                             ♥ Rady

tiistai 24. tammikuuta 2012

Thailand part 6. Koh Samed!

On some of our last days in Thailand, we decided to go check out Koh Samed! We drove to Bahn Phe with our scooters, left them to port and continued to the island with ferry.
When we got to the island we rented few scooters, thinking it would be easy to travel around with them
Me and Santra picked one with some bling- bling! Guess what? It totally wasn't. We had read that Koh Samed roads are a bit bumpy. Well, it seems that a bit bumpy = road partially missing or road that is full of huuuuge rocks. It was quite an adventure to drive around the island to say at least... But in some way it was quite fun, even though my butt was sore from all the jumping XD
First, we drove to the first proper looking beach we could find.

Cute Santra is cute

Chocolate chip dorayaki for beach snack! I'm heartbroken that these can't be found anywhere in Finland, yummiest thing ever ;___;

Soon the beach got quite crowded so we decided it was time to look for more peaceful place!

After driving almost across the whole island in the burning hot sun we were so thirsty and close to death that we decided that we'd stop to this resort's beach, no matter how crowded it'd be.

To our suprise, we found almost empty and fabulous bay! Lucky us. We couldn't hang out for a long though, driving in those crazy roads took double or triple the time it normally would... too bad :<

You know what? Looking at these photos HURTS. It's like 985787 cm of snow outside and when I go out I have to wear two knits and a thick jacket. I'm so sick of this coldness, I'm ready to go right back, thnx!

♥ Rady