lauantai 29. joulukuuta 2012

The Christmas post

Here's the promised Christmas post I talked about last time I updated!
 Nothing special this year, just hanging out with my relatives and eating fuckloads of noms. 
What is diet?

Glogg- cheesecake nomnom. I wish I could make pretty cake decorations too.

Cakeeeeeee. I have to tell you, my dad makes the best mint chocolate cake in the world! If I could eat only one thing for the rest of my life, that would probably be it.

Side note; I'm super jealous of my cousins coffee-making equipment and skills!

On Christmas day I went to my mom's to eat more noms...

...and annoy Ramona by shoving the camera on her face every 15 minutes. BUT ISN'T SHE JUST ADORABLE ;__; 

After visiting mom,  I had the urge to spend my Chrismas gift movie tickets, so Hobbit time it was ( again)

....with Santra and her gorgeous JC Spiky Litas puurrrr ;_;

I felt very unphotogenic but one picture turned out ok!

Aaand on to the gifts I got! I got quite a lot gifts this year, I guess I've been really nice this year?

Some shower gels, hair conditioners and a teasing brush from my roommates!

Gift card and movie tickets, also from my roomies.

Liu Jo belt from Mama!

Gift bag containing socks, Weekday energy- lemon pastilles and bottle of lime mixer ( I don't know how to translate the name,  Cuddle bottle perhaps?lol)  from Santra!

I added some Vodka already, we'll see how it turns out .....

Then the basic gifts everyone gets every year; wool sock, body lotions, towels, too much chocolate..


NIKON D3100 from Dad!! I can't describe in words how happy I am currently! I got my old camera when I was 14 and I'm really bad at taking care of my stuff  sooo it was pretty much falling apart....... I have a lot to learn but I'm hoping that I'm able to get some better photos to share with all of you in the future!

torstai 27. joulukuuta 2012

2012 in a nutshell

Hello! Only few days left of 2012, so I made a little collage of the happenings during this last year. More about my Christmas in the next post.


Hanged out at beaches and cities of Thailand. Got back home and tried to get used to the coldness again. Watched lots of weird-ass Japanese movies. Lost my solarium virginity because I didn't want to lose my Thailand-tan and got short-term solarium boom. 


Got kicked out of school dressed up as flight attendant at '' Penkkarit''. Went to vomit-smelling high school senior cruise, which was probably the weirdest trip I've ever been to. Just think about 200-300 students in a same ship oh god. I also had a quick visit at Stockholm and had Burger King for the first time in my life. Ohh Crispy chicken burger, how I miss you.


Went to house party at Nemo's. Dyed my hair brown x pink. Had cabin party at smelly and cold cabin at riding stable that my friends parents own. Broke my laptop.  


Had a late Christmas party and yet another house party at Nemo's. Started a new job at Stockmann and visited Linnanmäki amusement park. Paid 6,50 € for one (1) minute ride. Which was totally worth it because it was all time favorite ride, Milky way.


Went to see Dark shadows which I had been waiting for half a year (was great, btw). Celebrated May Day by barbecue and ultimate drunkness in chilly weather. Passed my drivers license test (on a second try, on the first try I nearly killed someone).  Got my first non- cosplay purpose wig.


Surprisingly graduated ( I highly doubted I would because I was sure I was going to fail chemistry and math.). Got myself a Macbook Pro. Broke my toe at work just before midsummer  and therefore got sick leave through whole midsummer- weekend.  Used my recovery time by partying the whole weekend at Sara's and Nemo's.


Got extempore microdermal on my chest ( it felt like the needle went through my lungs I swear). Went to Linnanmäki and Sea life again. Worked almost every weekend so I could have 5 days off next month.


Visited Rome. Fell in love with one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been to. At the end of the month I quit my job and moved to Mini's.


Started a new job. Got myself my first tattoo. Partied a lot and watched MarbleHornets' Slender man serie. Got hypersensitive about every little voice in the dark.


Moved to a new apartment with Sara, Mini and Kim. Spent fucknormous amount of money on Ikea crap. Had unbroken party combo for every single weekend of the month. Had a nice photoshoot near our new apartment and wandered around our new neighborhood a lot.


Had a Halloween costume party. Had our housewarming/my birthday combo party the next weekend and managed to piss off one our neighbors. First snow fell and everyone was amazed .


Did lots of Christmas shopping, went to see the Hobbit (twice actually. Greatest movie I've seen in a while), celebrated Christmas.

maanantai 24. joulukuuta 2012

Happy holidays!

Just quickly stopping by to wish you all a happy Christmas! I'm off soon to spend it with my family, first traditional Christmas for years....

Here's a little camwhoring- card I did for you, I was going to make an actual card but I just got damn lazy. As usual lol. Puri-app crap will have to do now. See you later!

keskiviikko 19. joulukuuta 2012

The unexpected journey.

Last Friday I was planning to go to see Black Line but my friend cancelled that day after I had already styled myself to look appropriate for a gig. As staying home would have been complete waste of make up, I tagged along with my roomies and couple of other friends and went to see The Hobbit.

Top- D.I.A
Skirt- Real MA*RS
Belt- D.I.A
Shoes- Spirit
Bow- Glitter

I attached two half wigs in the top of another wig to make a one MASSIVE wig.  Big hair = best hair.

When others went to have chinese at Hua Cheng, me and Mini went camwhoring. Lol at us.

THIS IS THE PERFECT WIG WEATHER.  Real hair get totally ruined, wig suffers no damage. Ohh  plastic, I love you so.

Moar camwhorage. Pre-movie smoothies at steam coffee, nom noms!

Because all of my pics are of me and Mini, here's a proof that we weren't alone, just the only shameless camwhores haha.

It was the opening weekend so the place was super crowded! We were really lucky to get tickets even though they were from very lousy seats.

Spot one hobbit.

Ok. Now for some hype.

IT WAS GREAT, both story-wise and visually. For most of the time, my face looked pretty much like this ; *----*. I actually enjoyed this more than any movie from LOTR- trilogy, mainly because they were focusing on one group of people (Can you refer drwarfs, a hobbit and a wizard as people?) instead of many groups simultaneously. Can't wait for the next part. 

My inner Tolkien- fangirl has been awaken, currently thinking of barricading myself indoors and re-reading LOTR and Hobbit and finally dipping into Silmarillion...

The Hobbit- yay or nay?

perjantai 14. joulukuuta 2012

Sponsored post; Vassen Rainbow eyes Grayish blue

A while ago, Shoppingholics sent me another pair of lenses for me to review! This time, I got a pair from brand that was completely new for me; Vassen.

Cutely packaged box of goodies included the lenses, lens cases shaped like balloon fish (..I think?) and Os'mei eye mask.

Tried on the eye mask, I wish I had more of these! It felt really refreshing and cooling, I think my eye bags size of Siberia shrunk down a bit too. 

AAAAND now to the lenses!

First of all, the lenses look huuuuuge! The diameter is only 14,5mm but for some reason they look bigger than any of the lenses I currently own. The small diameter makes them way more comfy than lenses that are close 16mm. The design is really pretty, I like how the two colors mix up *--*

I was surprised how brown these lenses look! Because my eyes are blueish- green, I was expecting that these would look really blue. Which might actually be good thing, I have never like a single pair of blueish lenses but these are really really nice!

These lenses are available in 0.00 to -8.00 prescription. Get yours from here! And don't forget to use my discount code 1000161850 to get 2 USD discount!