maanantai 19. joulukuuta 2011

Last moments in Finland!

Hi, just stopped by to say goodbyes!

Tomorrow at this time I'll already be on my way towards Bangkok! Our flight from Helsinki to Istanbul leaves around 2 pm and probably around we'll be waiting for our flight from Istanbul to Bangkok. Hope everything goes smoothly.

I got new lenses for the trip since my eyes get really irritated if I use my current faves for more than 6 hours b0h00. I'm not really sure do I like these or not, felt like trying grey lenses for change.i guess these are ok, but nothing special so I don't feel like writing much about them, just quickly showing them. The model is Xtra Super 2tone in grey, in case someone is interested.

The thing I'm most looking forward to in our trip is the chance to wear all kinds of nice clothes again without freesing to death in beautiful, Finnish winter weather ( as seen in the photos above). I've been dressing quite casual lately, now my luggage is full of dresses that I can't wait to wear. The outfit above is something I wore when I went christmas gift shopping last saturday, it would be quite boring without ll the furry accesories.

Knit- Monki
Jeans- Seppälä
Neckwarmer- Bianco

Okies, maybe I should get back to preparations for tomorrow, bye now!

♥ Rady

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  1. have fun on ur trip and enjoy it! hehe
    I'm excited to see all the photos and to read everything u'll blog about!

  2. Have fun on your trip~ Spam us with photos when you can, okay? Also, love the outfit and hair!

  3. so pretty, love your style !!
    you have such a pretty nose too >o< <3

    have an amazing time in Bangkok!
    and a safe flight ^ ^

  4. Going to Bangkok ey?! Oh! That's my city girl! I hope you'll have so much fun! I'm currently in Malaysia for a small holiday trip coming back to BKK on Thursday, if I spot you there in the shopping crowd can I .. like, come and say hi? It's like so amazing for me to have people I know/follow? in my own area, it's rare - never happening haha - but, anyway have a nice holiday and look out for that Christmas sale, everywhere! ;3 But, be careful of the overpriced things, just bargain!

  5. Haku: I'm not going to stay in Bangkok for long, we're going to stay most of our vacation in Laem Mae Phim but going to make a few day trips to Bangkok though! It would be more than awesome if you'd come to say hi : 3 ~

  6. Have fun in china :D Hope you will have an awesome time and buy alot of cute stuff ^^ + enjoy the weather. The scandiavian weather is soooo depressing and super cold :(

  7. Have a great trip! I absolutely love that outfit and your hair is so cute >w<

  8. The new lenses look quite nice ~ seem to have a subtle effect but I think they suit you so well! Have a safe trip to Bangkok and have fun dressing up in your pretty dresses :D Take care!

  9. I totally love your hair and your frames!!

    Cute outfit as well!

    lindsey |

  10. You should have a great time and enjoy the warmer weather :)

    Japan Australia

  11. Well, if you wanna do the mad and good shopping I could defiantly give you a list and btw, I like the sound of NOT spending too much time in Bangkok when you're on vacation. Bangkok is defiantly fab! - But, so many other places are better suited if you wanna relax by the beach, do rock climbing, diving, ride elefants and etc. Tho' I recommend doing some spa trip(s) and such in BKK for sure, it's such a treat, great service and cheap price ;3 Ahhh, I would love to meet you now QwQ

  12. Merry Christmas :)

  13. Ive been looking thry your blog for some time and gotta say youre madly skilled with your hair ~ especially short hair styles ! could you maybe consider doing a tuto sometime ? :3 and merry xmas and have a nice trip !

  14. Sun hiukset on aivan yli ihanat tässä!