maanantai 19. joulukuuta 2011

Last moments in Finland!

Hi, just stopped by to say goodbyes!

Tomorrow at this time I'll already be on my way towards Bangkok! Our flight from Helsinki to Istanbul leaves around 2 pm and probably around we'll be waiting for our flight from Istanbul to Bangkok. Hope everything goes smoothly.

I got new lenses for the trip since my eyes get really irritated if I use my current faves for more than 6 hours b0h00. I'm not really sure do I like these or not, felt like trying grey lenses for change.i guess these are ok, but nothing special so I don't feel like writing much about them, just quickly showing them. The model is Xtra Super 2tone in grey, in case someone is interested.

The thing I'm most looking forward to in our trip is the chance to wear all kinds of nice clothes again without freesing to death in beautiful, Finnish winter weather ( as seen in the photos above). I've been dressing quite casual lately, now my luggage is full of dresses that I can't wait to wear. The outfit above is something I wore when I went christmas gift shopping last saturday, it would be quite boring without ll the furry accesories.

Knit- Monki
Jeans- Seppälä
Neckwarmer- Bianco

Okies, maybe I should get back to preparations for tomorrow, bye now!

♥ Rady

tiistai 13. joulukuuta 2011

Dear Santa!

Long time no blogging! I've had a huge writers block since I feel like all my posts are so boring and exactly the same. Today it's time for a very different kind of post! Many bloggers have done this already so it's not the most original post in the world but the idea was nice so I wanted to do it too. And some info in the end of this post too so keep on reading~

''Dear Santa

This year I've been super nice. Just few weeks ago I gave all my coins to charity and I haven't been skipping school too much ( Mondays don't count, right?) so I'd be sincerely happy if you'd treat me with these superawesome gifts! Thank you in advance''

I'm having a huge shoe-craving atm, I feel like I'm bored with 99% of shoes that I own...

I'll be moving out as soon as possible so some items to my new would be nice! My mom actually got me those Taika-dishes as a christmas present already, they are pure luv~

Filmtown giftcard because I watch a lot of movies, Rilakkuma stuff because I have a Rilakkuma obsession, perfume because I just simply feel like I've been using my current one for too long and Anna Sui lipsticks because of the addicting package desings and good reviews!

I'm not expecting to get any of this because everything I listed in here is quite pricey... But I can keep on dreaming, right?

But anyways, some info about near future happenings on my blog. In exactly one week, I'll be on my way to Laem Mae Phim, Thailand! I'll spend my Christmas there and I'm planning to blog while there so I don't have to make massive post afterwards. Mae Phim is about 2 hours drive from Bangkok and 30 minutes from Rayong. I read somewhere that the crownprincess of Thailand has her holiday villa somewhere in Mae phim but not 100% sure about it...

Anyways, here's a little sneakpeek of the area, just found these from google lol

Here's the area we rented our villa from!

See you later!

♥ Rady