maanantai 7. marraskuuta 2011

Random unposted looks!

Hello ppl!

The title tells a lot about the contents of this post: some random looks I've never posted because I usually like to post some other stuff with the outfit photos to make the post more interesting, but I really really like these outfits so I will break my unwritten rule and post them completely out of contexts.

I've been really missing that quite summery lace dress so I just had to come up with some autumn outfits that I can wear it with. Luckily, one day I was just randomly shopping at Jumbo shopping centre I saw a mannequin wearing a similar lace dress and a dark grey cardingan and I decided to give that outfit a try, tuning it bit more me with a big ribbon and fake fur : 3

Dress- 59 seconds
Laceshorts- Catworld
Cardigan- Zara
Neckwarmer- Bianco

This look I caame up with for a party a while ago. I really wanted something different for a change, I usually like to wear cute stuff so it was some ripped jeans and leopard! But not to the point of stepping out of my comfort zone, I just had to wear some soft pastel pink so I wouldn't feel like a fish out of water lol. But I think it turned out looking quite nice and cool!

Jeans- Mango
Jumpsuit- Rosebullet
Cardigan- New yorker
Neckwarmer- Bianco

Did something out of the ordinary for my hair too, sidebraids! Bad picture of them but they turned out ok, need more practise to make them a bit firmer.

Okie, those were the looks I wanted to share! Still one super cute thing I want to show you guys...

We were having a small party @ Nemo's place and Nemo had made this super cute birthdaycake with my name written in it ;___; Such a cute thing to do, I was pretty touched so I just have to show it to you guys!

That's all for today, bye now!

♥ Rady

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  1. that second outfit is stunning n u look amazing !!

  2. Great outfits and cuuute cake <3
    You're so pretty!!

  3. Your outfit is so pretty!!! I love cake!

  4. ZOMG I LOVE YOUR HAIR! I'm so jealous ;__; I wanna be able to style my hair like you do! D:

  5. Those outfits are awesome. Your hair is super pretty and that cake looks amazing.

  6. I love those pants! I really want a ripped up pair some day!

  7. Some great looks, but I think my favourite is outfit #1 :)

    Japan Australia

  8. your outfits look really nice and your hair is amazing *__*