maanantai 21. marraskuuta 2011

Fluffiness overload!

Hi people!

Since last autumn, I've been madly in love with fluffy things. Now I got a new ( ok I got her a while ago already but I haven't shown it here yet) fluffy family member in my closet!

New wintercoat! Friends call her Fluffy and she's mad cute. Friends also wonder when will I get some animals rights activists after me. Don't worry, it's 100% fake fur so no need to throw red paint at me~

Coat is by Jsfn

It's really hard to get proper photos at this time of the year, it gets dark around 4 pm and I always forget about it. So only one photo of Fluffy ;< These photos were snapped last Saturday on a tiny shopping spree last weekend!

This is what I wore underneath the coat! Fluffiness continues lol.

Dress- Liz Lisa
Vest- Stylementor
Neckwarmer- Bianco

I actually bought more fluffy things on Saturday. I don't seem to get enough of them ...

❤ Rady

Ps. Oh thank god I just dyed my roots today. Looks horrible in the last photo.

17 kommenttia:

  1. You pull that look off very well!
    It's still too warm here to wear something like that, but it's super cute :)

  2. Vitsi, olit kyl nii ihanan pehmosen näkönen ku näin sut Steissillä! Ja hei pitäs nähä taas joskus, ei olla hengattu pitkää aikaa :-(

  3. goooddd i love your style so much!
    how can someone be so perfect<3

  4. Looks so comfy and warm :D

  5. So adorable! I want a fluffy coat too!

  6. Your outfit is so cute!!! Omgs!

  7. A very cute outfit and you look so warm and comfy ;)

    Japan Australia

  8. Dark gives a lovely vintage effect! Lovely as always ♥

  9. Jaechie: niin pitää, aina vaan törmäillään pikaisesti :---(

  10. Äääää, oot ihana! Tollanen pehmeä tai jotain XD

    ps. anna jalkasi mulle!♥