maanantai 28. marraskuuta 2011

Christmas hype!

Hi guys!

I'm totally hyping about christmas already! My room is fully decorated and I've planned christmas presents, bought a christmas calendar, listened to christmas music, drunk glögg..... Too bad I'm not in Finland for holidays, it's not the same thing to spend christmas on the other side of the world. So I guess I'm allowed to christmas hype the whole month until I'll start growing tired of everything christmas-related, right?

So anyways, most of the malls have put their christmas decorations up and we went to check them out on Sunday, we happened to run into Santa as well! Too bad I have no proper photos of that,haha.

Of course I had to camwhore next to Santa's hut a little.

The last one is my favourite photo, you can see insides of the hut nicely and the stars are just in the right place haha! Christmas really makes me want to dress up over the top cutely....

Laceshorts- catworld
Boots- Seppälä ( customised them myself with fake fur!)

We tried to take some photos together with Santra but with very little success.. Only one semi-good photo :<<

The Santa's hut is there every year, and every year I have to check it out at least once :3

There was even a small boutique specializing on christmas related stuff, like candles and decorations! It was really cute, I would've wanted to buy tons of candles from there ;A; I love shopping at christmas time, so much glitter, lights and cute stuff everywhere!

♥ Rady

15 kommenttia:

  1. You look soo cute!
    I like your style! ^^

  2. Super cute pics! Love you hair <3

  3. I love Christmas time. You look very cute in your winter outfit of pink and white :)

    Japan Australia

  4. how can you be so cute ;____;♥ I want to be as cute as you~

  5. Ihanaa joulu ♡♡♡ Ootan kanssa hirmuisesti, oon laittanut jouluverhot ja kaikki jo ikkunaan! ^--^
    Oot niin söpö tuolla joulumaassa! ♡♡♡

  6. I agree! I love Christmas time so much! I need like ten of those candles, for serious.

  7. Herroherro-hi ~~~ ♥ ( ^ O ^ )

    May I ask a question~~? Is your hair real type, wig, extension~? It's so lovely and long~!

    Gyaru maybe saved my life hehe ♥
    I always want straight hair and not the rippley dark hair I have. Now I love it ♪
    Your hair is naturally curly too~?

  8. Voi ei oot niin sulonen ;A;