maanantai 14. marraskuuta 2011

Birthday girl!

Hi lovelies!

Guess what day was last Sunday? Well, if you bothered to read the title you probably guessed already... it was my 18th. birthday! I'm a big girl now lol.

On Saturday, I had invited some friends and relatives for coffee and cake~

Here's my birthday look!

Top is actually a dress by Elise Ryan!

I hadn't actually planned my look too much, I just used what I happened to have in wardrobe but I think the overall look was quite nice!

For the first time ever, I had to cook everything myself. I'm not a miracle maker in a kitchen and I barely never cook, but somehow everything went smoothly! I had to work my ass off though, I spent total of 8 hours cooking and baking and preparing everything.. I won't be cooking in a while. But just because I'm so proud of myself, I'll post some food p0rn!


Macarons didn't turn out as pretty as I had hoped but they were still pretty cute.

I picked all the candies so that their pastel colors would match the macarons B---) What's perfectionism?

The things i'm most proud of:

The cakes! Tiramisu-chocolate cheesecake on the back and hazelnut-chocolate cheesecake in the front.

Besides those, I had made some coctail sandwiches and profiteroles.. I'm seriously not cooking for ages now, too much time spent in the kitchen.

Later on that evening some of my friends came over and we decided to go get some Margaritas from our local bar and just chill. I had a lots of fun, I've never been a fan of huuge parties anyway : 3

♥ Rady

Ps. Mom gave me A GABBAGE for my birhtday

Or atleast she told me that it's a gabbage when I wondered what flower it was. Lol, probably the prettiest gabbage I've seen.

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  2. You have got to be the most beautiful birthday girl ever! LOL happy be-lated birthday hope you had an amazing one!

  3. happy belated birthday! the cake looks delicious! *-*


    AND you look great!!
    And the macarons...never ate some ;_;

  5. Happy Birthday! Gorgeous! And, now I'm starving! <3

  6. Happy b - day!
    You look amazing!! ^^

  7. millä kiharrat sun hiukset? non tosi kivat :) ja happy belated b-day!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Love the birthday look - very cute :)

    Japan Australia

  9. Happy belated birthday <3
    The food looks so yummy and you are so cute and pretty *__*
    Hope you had a great day!!

  10. Thank you a lot, everyone :3

    Ano: atm käytän björn axen toolsin toisiksi isointa putkea, ihan suosittelemisen arvoinen laite!

  11. Happy belated birthday! You look adorable. I love that top. The food you cook looks so yummy too! You should be proud!

  12. Happy belated birthday ^_^ Wow.. you shoulda gotten your friends to cook up a storm for you haha it was your 18th after all! You still did an awesome job. Macarons are super hard to make T_T