sunnuntai 2. lokakuuta 2011


Hello again!

Yesterday me and bunch of my good friends took over our tiny local chinese restaraunt Bamboo Palace and after that had a small celebration at Mart's place. We had lots of things to celebrate since autumn finals are now officially over and two of my friends turned 18! I got a good reason to doll myself up really carefully for change~

Shameless camwhorage because I liked my makeup! Normally I use dark brown to line my lower lid but now I used black for change and I think it looked nice~

And here's my look! Wanted something cute and dolly but still casual and comfy!

Dress- Liz Lisa
Knit- Monki
Neckwarmer- Bianco
Ankle boot- Bianco
Handbag- GUESS

Some food porn because shrimps are my current obsession, could eat them with everything like fried noodles, salads, soups... nomness! This meal was huuuge and I could finish only half of it and last night I actually dreamt about eating the leftovers lol. My non-blogger friends always laugh at me when I take photos of my food before I dare to touch it...

...good thing I have Karo! Bloggers will be bloggers haha.

Photos taken later on the evening will be just for my own lols, there's some frigging hilarious stuff but I think I might get killed if I post them.

Anyways, all in all the night was really nice and I had really nice time. It feels great to be able to do something else than studying for change!

♥ Rady

17 kommenttia:

  1. great outfit and the food looks nice *_*

  2. omnomnom toi ruoka *Q* Mistä ees revit noi sun niiin söpöt vaatteet aina, tuitui ;_;

  3. Wow you look like a doll! So cute!

  4. Very cute and dolly like :) I also love Chinese food and it is so addictive.

  5. voitko joku olla noin söpö? >:---0 ♥

  6. I love your hair~ it's such a pretty colour! Outfit is soo cute btw! Very dolly~

  7. how much do you weight?! you're so skinny! and like a doll ^^ really beautiful.

  8. I love your hair <3 and now i'm really hungry :(

  9. uwa! <3
    I love your hair and outfit, you managed to mix the prettiness and comfortableness together really well, haha~ <3
    Also! fooooood~~~

  10. Sun tukkas on ihan älyttömän ihana! <3

  11. Hihii, thankies everyone :3

    Ano: I don't visit scale often but last time I checked I was 43 kg!

  12. I loved your hair, your outfi,the shrimps ( nhom nhom) and your friend´s hair color*-*