maanantai 10. lokakuuta 2011

Cowboys,aliens & apple pies!

Hello again!

Lately I've been having some problems with my eyes, meaning that first my left eye got red and sore, then it got better for the weekend and now my right eye is bright red and I can't even think about wearing much make up. Due to that I obiously haven't been in the mood for taking much pictures of my looks, even though I have bought a bunch of new clothes and all kinds of nice stuff ;_; But as mentioned earlier, my eyes were better on weekend so I actually got something to show you guys!

On Saturday, I went to see Cowboys&Aliens (can't say I recommend it, it was the weirdest and crappiest movie I've seen in a long while. From the title I had figured it would be some crazy comedy thing but it was actually a serious action film wtf?? Mixing cowboys and aliens is just wrong.) with Santra and Matte, who had come all the way from Oulu for a weekend visit!

This is what I wore!

I'm utterly in love with that new dolman sleeve knit hoodie! So cozy and casual, and it holds so much possibilities!

Knit hoodie- KappAhl
Lace dress- 59 seconds
Handbag- Guess
Ankle boots- Bianco
Neck watch- Bijou Brigitte

Here's my company :3 Aren't they adorable? Santra (the red head) wearing my new poncho, also from KappAhl. They have lots of nice knits there this fall!

Before the movie we strolled around Jumbo shopping centre and bought some new tea for us to test later on...

...and I found my inner child from the Hello Kitty section at the toystore.

On Sunday we had one of those lazy, yet super nice days. We slept long, chilled and watched Plain Jane marathon from the tv.

I tested out a hairdo I've been dying to try for the longest time, two hair buns instead of one! Bad picture but I thought it was cute! Santra said it reminded her of princess Leia lol.

It was the most perfect autumn weather I can think of! And what could be better on a perfect autumn day than...

...cup of strawberry-champange tea we had bought the other day (the scent of this tea is heavenly!)..

...and some yummy apple pie with vanilla ice cream! Ok it's not exactly a pie, I just don't know the word for it. It's practically just oven-baked apples with delicious dough. All I can say is that I really surpassed myself with this, I seriously am not greatest chef in the world but DAMN this was good~

Okie,now I'll get back to reading Looking for Alaska! See you later : 3

♥ Rady

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  1. You look great as always *_* <333 love your hair.

  2. I adore your hair!! :O

  3. sounds like you had a rly happy time ^_^
    and you always look that cute <3 I'm kinda jealous wwwww

  4. wow your outfits are always so adorable!!
    do you wear contacts? if yes, they look very natural^^
    you're such a great inspiration!! :)

  5. I wanna hug all of you, so adorable~

  6. You look really cute and sorry to hear that Cowboys&Aliens wasn't so good. I was looking forward to watching it but might give it a miss now.

    Japan Australia

  7. I love doleman style hoodies! Nice choice ^0^

  8. You look so cute, love your hair! <3

  9. Blogissani on sinulle haaste! :)

  10. love love love the outfit!! näytät aina ihan joltain nukelta. ♥

  11. dfvijdfvsdf you look like a doll, love your hair
    i do agree that the movie sounds weird ahahaha!

  12. Oiiii~~~ Oot niin ihanan näkönen ♥♥♥♥ Niin sulonen ~~ T____T ♥♥♥ Tykkään sun asusta tosi paljon~~ !!

  13. You are very cute!! :D I gonna follow you! I lo ve your dress!!! :D