maanantai 31. lokakuuta 2011

Make up tutorial a.k.a how to become an optical illusion!

Long time no see! I haven't even really realized how long it's been.

But now I'm back after refreshing vacation full of Arkham city and sleeping, ready to post the make up tutorial I've been requested to do couple times. This is the face-painting routine I do almost every morning to turn myself into a walking optical illusion and prevent people from throwing up their breakfast every time they see my face!

Before showing you some gorey stuff that will haunt you in your dreams forever, here's the picture of the result!

Ok now to the horror part, the starting point! Oh god, I'm bit embarassed to post this...

Here I'm only wearing some B.B cream and powder plus lenses. Lenses are Barbie eye super nudy in pink, which I reviewed a while ago.

Stuff used for the base:

Skin 79 Diamond the prestige B.B cream and to set it I gently pat a bit of Elizabeth Arden Pure finish mineral powder on top.

Next step: highlighting, to re-shape your face without going under the knife! I use these product

Nivea Perfect cover (works well as a highlighter when you use the lightest shades!) and as a blush Make up store Hightech lighter in big bang.

Apply the highlighter in the areas I artistically marked with pink and take your time blending it out or else you'll end up looking like you have vitiligo.

Apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks and again, blend out well. Unless you work as a shopping centre Santa Claus.

Moving on to the eyes! I usually wear the same colors every day, except if I'm going somewhere special. Then I might change the color combos. But usually I don't because I'm a boring person.

For the first step of my eye make up, I use

Sheer and little bit sparkly silver color from YSL Ombers 5 lumieres palette no. 6

and thicker and more glittery silver from Dior 5 couleurs gold edition 001 palette.

Add the YSL silver all the way up to your brow bone and Dior silver to the inner corner or your eye. Again, I drew a nice pink box to demonstrate!

Using the same Dior palette again, this time the copper and dark brown shades!

Apply the copper-shade half way through your lid and little over your crease ( inside the area drawn with blue) and dark brown to the outer corner of your eye and just directly to your crease(marked with pink obiously). Then just blend them really well together.

Next up, lining your eyes!

I use gel eyeliner applied with an ankled brush, ultimate favourite is Estee Lauders Double wear! I prefer gel eyeliners over liquid ones because of the softer result they give, liquid eyeliners tend to draw very sharp and harsh line.

Line your eyes so that the line is at it's thinnest from the inner corner, thickening to the middle parts of your eye and then gets thinner towards the outer corner. This creates the illusion of rounder eyes. Draw a tiny ''wing'' to the outer corner to make your eyes look bigger and wider. You're on your way to become a living optical illusion, yay!

Line your lower lid with the same dark brown eyeshadow you used before and add some of that shimmery silver eyeshadows on the areas marked with pink. This will bring more light to your eyes and make them look more doll-like.

Finish up with falshies and mascara! I'm using Miss eyelure lashes and some random cheap ass mascara that's not even worth mentioning, I don't really care what mascara I use because I only use it to blend my own lashes with falshies.

And it's not over yet! Maximizing the fakeness with lip make up!

As a lipstick, I use Lumene Natural code in Satin coral and as a gloss YSL golden gloss! The best lipgloss in the whole world, I guarantee that.

Add the lipstick only to the middle of your lips and then blend it outwards with your fingers or brush or whatever you like.

Then add the gloss, only to the middle again. Doing this will make your lips appear fuller.

Congratulations, now you're as fake as I am! Just do your hair and you're ready to camwhore like no tomorrow!

Ok, see you guys later! Probably going to do a random post of all kinds of pictures I've taken troughout this long absence from the blogging world :3

♥ Rady

maanantai 10. lokakuuta 2011

Cowboys,aliens & apple pies!

Hello again!

Lately I've been having some problems with my eyes, meaning that first my left eye got red and sore, then it got better for the weekend and now my right eye is bright red and I can't even think about wearing much make up. Due to that I obiously haven't been in the mood for taking much pictures of my looks, even though I have bought a bunch of new clothes and all kinds of nice stuff ;_; But as mentioned earlier, my eyes were better on weekend so I actually got something to show you guys!

On Saturday, I went to see Cowboys&Aliens (can't say I recommend it, it was the weirdest and crappiest movie I've seen in a long while. From the title I had figured it would be some crazy comedy thing but it was actually a serious action film wtf?? Mixing cowboys and aliens is just wrong.) with Santra and Matte, who had come all the way from Oulu for a weekend visit!

This is what I wore!

I'm utterly in love with that new dolman sleeve knit hoodie! So cozy and casual, and it holds so much possibilities!

Knit hoodie- KappAhl
Lace dress- 59 seconds
Handbag- Guess
Ankle boots- Bianco
Neck watch- Bijou Brigitte

Here's my company :3 Aren't they adorable? Santra (the red head) wearing my new poncho, also from KappAhl. They have lots of nice knits there this fall!

Before the movie we strolled around Jumbo shopping centre and bought some new tea for us to test later on...

...and I found my inner child from the Hello Kitty section at the toystore.

On Sunday we had one of those lazy, yet super nice days. We slept long, chilled and watched Plain Jane marathon from the tv.

I tested out a hairdo I've been dying to try for the longest time, two hair buns instead of one! Bad picture but I thought it was cute! Santra said it reminded her of princess Leia lol.

It was the most perfect autumn weather I can think of! And what could be better on a perfect autumn day than...

...cup of strawberry-champange tea we had bought the other day (the scent of this tea is heavenly!)..

...and some yummy apple pie with vanilla ice cream! Ok it's not exactly a pie, I just don't know the word for it. It's practically just oven-baked apples with delicious dough. All I can say is that I really surpassed myself with this, I seriously am not greatest chef in the world but DAMN this was good~

Okie,now I'll get back to reading Looking for Alaska! See you later : 3

♥ Rady

sunnuntai 2. lokakuuta 2011


Hello again!

Yesterday me and bunch of my good friends took over our tiny local chinese restaraunt Bamboo Palace and after that had a small celebration at Mart's place. We had lots of things to celebrate since autumn finals are now officially over and two of my friends turned 18! I got a good reason to doll myself up really carefully for change~

Shameless camwhorage because I liked my makeup! Normally I use dark brown to line my lower lid but now I used black for change and I think it looked nice~

And here's my look! Wanted something cute and dolly but still casual and comfy!

Dress- Liz Lisa
Knit- Monki
Neckwarmer- Bianco
Ankle boot- Bianco
Handbag- GUESS

Some food porn because shrimps are my current obsession, could eat them with everything like fried noodles, salads, soups... nomness! This meal was huuuge and I could finish only half of it and last night I actually dreamt about eating the leftovers lol. My non-blogger friends always laugh at me when I take photos of my food before I dare to touch it...

...good thing I have Karo! Bloggers will be bloggers haha.

Photos taken later on the evening will be just for my own lols, there's some frigging hilarious stuff but I think I might get killed if I post them.

Anyways, all in all the night was really nice and I had really nice time. It feels great to be able to do something else than studying for change!

♥ Rady