torstai 22. syyskuuta 2011

Sponsored post : Barbie Eye Super Nudy Pink review

On Tuesday, I went to pick up my new lenses from my local post office. I got these sponsored from Shoppingholics, big thanks for them! I have only good things to say about their customer service, they were really nice and fast. Emails got answered quickly and the products were shipped out exactly on time. They told me it would take up to 15 working days for the lenses to arrive and I was pleasantly suprised when it only took about a week! Rady recommends Shoppingholics to everyone~

Other than circle lenses, they also have a wide selection of different cosmetics, beauty products and accessories!

But on to the lenses now

I got Barbie Eye Super Nudy lenses in pink!

Here's some basic info about them!

Diameter : 16.0mm
Water Content : 48%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

I was curious about trying lenses with this enormous diameter, I worried that I might end up looking like an insect but they actually look really good! These ones became instantly my favourite lenses out of all lenses I've ever had.

Packaging is really cute, I love the glittery and pink desings on the bottles and the box! You also get a cute lens case for free with every pair of lenses you purchase, I got pink froggy cases~

Some close ups where you can see the desing of the lenses bit better!

Without flash..

...and with flash

As you can see these lenses cover your natural eyecolor almost completely. My natural eyecolor is blueish green so the color is not so pink, more like purpleish. Maybe they look bit more pink if your eyecolor bit warmer.

Creepy photo to show how big the enlargement effect is! It is really noticeable.

Overall, I'm super happy with the lenses eventhough they are not as pink as I thought they would be. They give really nice, dolly effect to your eyes and they are really comfortable, I can wear them all day and not even feel I have lenses on!

As an overall rating, I'd give these lenses 4,5/5! I've been wearing them everyday now and absolutely love them.

You can purchase your own from!

♥ Rady

17 kommenttia:

  1. You look great as always and they fit you like hell *_*

  2. lovely color, I like the natural touch!<3

  3. so they finally came :D gotta see these irl

  4. They look fantastic on you! : D

  5. aaa noi on ihanat :---) vitu mäki oisin tilannu tuolt mutku ei saa vahvuuksil B<

  6. Kyl ainaski tos salamakuvassa näkyy väri enempi :u: Luv them!

  7. I always wanted to try the barbie eyes! It looks really nice on you!

  8. They looks really cute and I can see the pink in them but still looks very natural.

    Japan Australia

  9. They look really pretty especially with you hair color. I'm to terrified to put those in! Just a giant contact lens coming closer and closer, but I suppose you get use to it.

  10. Nää näyttää todella hyvältä ja kohta ois itellä tarve ostaa uudet piilarit niin pakko kysyä, että paljonko ton shoppingholicsin postimaksut on? Sivuilta en löytäny muutakun noi toimitusajat.