maanantai 22. elokuuta 2011

Dressing dilemmas!

Hi lovelies!

These last couple of days/weeks I've been having a huuuge dressing problem. Part of me wants to cling to those nice, summery clothes and part of me already wants to snuggle into those warm, big knits and cozy mufflers. Anyone else feeling the same way? I seriously can't be the only one.

Last Saturday I was facing that exact problem. I was going to watch my dad run Helsinki City Marathon ( imo he did quite well, 3,5 hours or something!) with my sister and trying to decide what to wear was PAIN. After a long thinking, I ended up with quite summery look since it might be the last chance to do summery looks!

Desperately tried to camwhore for new Facebook profile photo...

Denim blouse- Seppälä
Shorts- Vila
Knee highs- Seppälä
Ankle boots- Bianco footwear

Me and my sister! We both changed our haircolour to unnatural colours at the same time, reminds me of ''good old times'' when we always had changed our hair colour every second week and always had bright stuff like pink, turquoise or red in our hair.

I think I'm gonna frame this because Santra is just so cute.

Nothing more to share this time! I did new nails yesterday but I think I'm going to save that to the next post~

♥ Rady

13 kommenttia:

  1. I know that problem! It's awful!
    But I think the outfit is awesome! You're so pretty! <3

  2. GIRL you are such a cutie! : D I love your outfit! And that purse is really nice : D

  3. I so love your hair!! You look grat in the outfit and you're pretty!

  4. I have that problem too. And i always end up overdressing to im sweating and dying from the heat in the afternoon ><'' and im already in love with wearing boots already :b
    and i looove your outfit :O it's so cute and casual and i want those shorts ! >:(

  5. haha, ootte santran kaa niiiiin söpöjä <3 XD

    ja mite sul VOI olla AINA noin ihania vaatteita, murr :c

  6. Cute look and still loving the hair! Might be last chance for summer clothes so make the most of it, I say :)

    Japan Australia

  7. You have adorable hair~~~ lovin it~

  8. AWWW..U N UR SIS R SO CUTE,N UR summer coord is cute too^^

  9. I have the same problem with the summer and autumn clothes... I just can't decide what to wear..

  10. Haha looks like most of us have this problem xD I cant wait to wear fall clothes :3 cute outfit by the way <3