maanantai 29. elokuuta 2011

Babble,nails & Choose Sugar 1st. bday!

Hi guys!

I've been about to post these pictures for ages but I haven't really felt like writing anything.. sorry ' bout that! This is one look from last week, I was hanging out with my friends who were going to see Dir en grey! I wanted to go too but I sorta forgot to buy a ticket .... They got sold out quicker than I expected lol. Shoul've seen that coming though.

Camwhorage because my hair looked really nice imo, for once I had time to do it properly.

I'm obsessed with feathers atm. I love them in necklaces and earrings *--* These were only 5,95e from Seppälä, couldn't resist!

My outfit! Wanted something cute&girly, it was quite cold day so I had to dress up bit warmer already.

Cardigan- Modström
Knee highs- Seppälä
Shoes- Bianco footwear

this is also what happens if I don't put toner on my hair with every wash. I ran out the day before and in certain lights it looked bit yellowish...Silver hair is pain in the butt but I still love it.

Also felt like updating my nails since my nails have boring for ages!

I'm quite pleased with them, considering I haven't been doing any nail deco for loooong time! Need to order new stuff, I couldn't even remember how much fun doing nails is~ BTW, no tips here, completely my own nails.

Oh and I just realised a few moments ago... Choose Sugar has been up and running for a full year now! Here's a beautiful picture of a cake, drew it with in like...2 minutes without tablet, don't hate me :----------DDD I seriously forgot, am I a bad blogger or what?

Anyways, thank you for this year, it has been awesome!

♥ Rady

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  1. in the first pictures your hair looks a bit purple, very nice! ♥

  2. Your hair look great as well as your outfit! Love it! ♥

  3. Wow your hair is really pretty! What color did you dye it?

  4. you look like tsu-chan~~
    so adorable~

  5. love your hair! <3
    taisin nähdä sut viime viikolla tiistaina rautatietorilla. Kiinnitin huomiota just tukkaan, et miten ihana ja platium väristä, sul tais olla sama hamekin silloin.

  6. mitä toneria käytät värin ylläpitoon? :)

  7. Nana: Directions semipermanent hairdye in silver!
    Katjuska: ooh, siistiä että mut on tunnistettu BD
    Anonyymi: Crestolin hopeanharmaata, suosittelen !

  8. You're nails are so lovely! Gotta grow mind out again.. Why did I cut them 2 days ago TT TT

  9. Hi ! I'm very interessed in your blog ! :D
    The Pictures a very cute >////<
    I will follow you !
    Hope you follow me back (:

  10. hihi~ love ur hair n nails so much!
    the colour is so nice, wanted to get the same before but so hard as i have dark hair ==

  11. your hair is beautiful x