maanantai 29. elokuuta 2011

Babble,nails & Choose Sugar 1st. bday!

Hi guys!

I've been about to post these pictures for ages but I haven't really felt like writing anything.. sorry ' bout that! This is one look from last week, I was hanging out with my friends who were going to see Dir en grey! I wanted to go too but I sorta forgot to buy a ticket .... They got sold out quicker than I expected lol. Shoul've seen that coming though.

Camwhorage because my hair looked really nice imo, for once I had time to do it properly.

I'm obsessed with feathers atm. I love them in necklaces and earrings *--* These were only 5,95e from Seppälä, couldn't resist!

My outfit! Wanted something cute&girly, it was quite cold day so I had to dress up bit warmer already.

Cardigan- Modström
Knee highs- Seppälä
Shoes- Bianco footwear

this is also what happens if I don't put toner on my hair with every wash. I ran out the day before and in certain lights it looked bit yellowish...Silver hair is pain in the butt but I still love it.

Also felt like updating my nails since my nails have boring for ages!

I'm quite pleased with them, considering I haven't been doing any nail deco for loooong time! Need to order new stuff, I couldn't even remember how much fun doing nails is~ BTW, no tips here, completely my own nails.

Oh and I just realised a few moments ago... Choose Sugar has been up and running for a full year now! Here's a beautiful picture of a cake, drew it with in like...2 minutes without tablet, don't hate me :----------DDD I seriously forgot, am I a bad blogger or what?

Anyways, thank you for this year, it has been awesome!

♥ Rady

maanantai 22. elokuuta 2011

Dressing dilemmas!

Hi lovelies!

These last couple of days/weeks I've been having a huuuge dressing problem. Part of me wants to cling to those nice, summery clothes and part of me already wants to snuggle into those warm, big knits and cozy mufflers. Anyone else feeling the same way? I seriously can't be the only one.

Last Saturday I was facing that exact problem. I was going to watch my dad run Helsinki City Marathon ( imo he did quite well, 3,5 hours or something!) with my sister and trying to decide what to wear was PAIN. After a long thinking, I ended up with quite summery look since it might be the last chance to do summery looks!

Desperately tried to camwhore for new Facebook profile photo...

Denim blouse- Seppälä
Shorts- Vila
Knee highs- Seppälä
Ankle boots- Bianco footwear

Me and my sister! We both changed our haircolour to unnatural colours at the same time, reminds me of ''good old times'' when we always had changed our hair colour every second week and always had bright stuff like pink, turquoise or red in our hair.

I think I'm gonna frame this because Santra is just so cute.

Nothing more to share this time! I did new nails yesterday but I think I'm going to save that to the next post~

♥ Rady

maanantai 15. elokuuta 2011

Confirmation party outfit!

Hello guys!

Last Sunday I went to one of our familyfriend's comfirmation party so I had an opportunity to dress up a little yay yay! I actually heard about the party in like two days before the party so I didn't have too much time to really plan my outfit super carefully but here's what I managed to pull together!

When bored, camwhore. I seriously didn't know even half of the people in the party so I had to keep myself entertained lol

And here's the outfit! my haircolour looks so horrifically uneven here, I just re-dyed my hair and I'm waiting for it dry now, I really hope I got all the weird discolorations off...

Dress- Guess
Cardigan- H&M
Handbag- Guess

My mom really wanted me to take the outfit photo in that bush because she thinks I look like an elf with my silverish hair...

Other than those, I only have some boring photos of random people so I'm not posting them here.. but here's absolutely my new favourite flower, Gladiolus or swor lily ;____; I would have wanted to keep that myself! Red one was chosen by me and the yellow by my sister, aren't they just pretty?

♥ Rady

keskiviikko 10. elokuuta 2011

Hair(y) update!

Long time no blogging!

I haven't had anything to update about since I haven't looked very interesting nor done anything special. But now I finally have something to show you guys!

I did a major haircolor change & got even longer hairextension. ~ I'm still going to have to work on getting the color more even since some parts of my hair didn't really suck in the color as well as it could have...

I archieved this colour by bleaching my own hair twice with Schawrzkopf Live color XXL absolute platinium and then dyeing my hair with Directions semi-permanent hair colour in silver. Took me 4 bottles to dye my own hair and my extensions..... I think I still need to bleach some parts of my hair and re-dye them for the best result but I ran out of dye, gotta go to city to get some asap :< Left couple of clips to their original colour and used them as a highlights~

Extensions are 60 cm clip-ons in lightest blonde from, I always buy my extensions from there and I've never been disappointed. I got two packs of hair because I like my hair biiiiig!

New extensions vs. dead rat tail. So silky, so smooth, so long h0h0! Seriously, when straightened, they reach around my hip bones. Me likes~

Anyways, what do you think? I'm quite happy that I finally found the courage to pull this look off since I wanted to do this for ages ~

♥ Rady