sunnuntai 24. heinäkuuta 2011

Thank you & Spa trip!

Hi sweeties!

First things first ; OH MY GOD, BUDDHA, ALLAH OR WHATEVER. 300+ followers. I seriously didn't expect that so many people would find the crap I write somehow interesting. Thank you so much, everyone of you ;______; I'll have to do something special for you guys!

And the second thing; I went to spa with my family on Thursday so here's some photospam for you! Prepare for fuckloads of photos...

Outfit of the day

Dress - Rosebullet
Shorts - Catworld
Cardigan- New Yorker
Knee highs- Seppälä
Ankle boots- Bianco

On the way to the spa we stopped by @ Ideapark because it started to thunder and we needed some lunch. Amazing chicken burger and even more amazing dip for the fries *--* I could only finish half and I was so full that it was hard to walk but I just had to force more and more food down my throat because it was so damn good ...

Santra being sad because the room was fugly : <

Found this from the spas gift shop ;__; loads of love

Why are the spa bathrobes always so huuuuge? I mean, you could fit three sumo-wrestlers into one of those .... Need to start bringing my own bathrobe.

One thing I love, hotel breakfast!

On friday we headed to Tampere to go Särkänniemi amusement park!

Outfit was simple, I wanted something comfy!

Blouse- Seppälä
Shorts- Catworld
Knee highs- Seppälä
Ankle boots- Bianco

The truth.

Me & my new friend mr. Dracula

Planetarium was so cool, we watched a documentary about black holes there! My sister and my dad both fell asleep but I was like '' *---* '' for whole time lol. I really like all space-related stuff ~

There was also a small aquarium in the same building !

As a last thing before leaving we went to take some pictures on top of an obsevation tower, just check out the view!

Well, end of photospam here. I haven't done much anything lately, I've just lagged @ home so I haven't had much to update about... Hopefully I get bit more active before my summer vacation ends lol

♥ Rady

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  1. WOAHHH so many images! -faints- You look absolutely STUNNING first of all!
    And that baby tiger! *_* awww <33 -hugs- so cute!
    Food porn is always good. -drools a bit as well- Nothing seals the deal like delicious photos of a burger xD haha! CONGRATS ON REACHING 300 FOLLOWERS! WUIIII!

  2. Awww thanks a lot, both of you :3

  3. hahaha i wont that tiger since i was 7 years old xDDD and the photos of the acuarium was sooooooo beautifulll!!!!TT^TT
    You`re lucky to has being in da`spa xDD

  4. Haha thank you! :D going to spa is bit of an tradition to my family!

  5. how much do you weigh??

  6. MILLOIN TUUT TAKAISIN TÄNNE PERÄKYLÄÄ I MISS YOU SO FUCKING MUCH♥;_; mut sul on näyttäny olevan ainaki kivaa c:

  7. this trip looks amazing~!
    i also love your hair! how do you do it?

  8. I love you gal style and look(especially your eye makeup)!Its so cute^^,Im glad you had fun at the spa^^

  9. mäki kävin tänä kesänä ekaa kertaa särkkikses yli 10 vuoteen, iiks! Ja sust tulee joka päivä vaa söpömpi, en kestä ;__; <3 JA MUL ON IKÄVÄ tuun to-pe helsinkiin kattoon yhtä mun kaveria, sattukaa ny herrantähden mun kaa samaan aikaan sinnekki käymään... :c

  10. You look Amazing ~~! I'm loving the ankle boots + knee tights <3 I hope you had fun at the spa =D !

  11. i love your hair :3 they are extensions right?
    From where did you get them? ^^

  12. Oho, näin sut hei tona päivänä Särkänniemessä :D En yleensä ikinä käy koko paikassa, hassu yhteensattuma... Kattelin sinä päivänä eka ku näin sut takaa että oh, jollain on kiva asu ja sisko vieressä oli kiinnittäny huomionsa kans sun asuun XD Sit kun kävelit ohi niin huomasin et oot gyaru, mutten kyllä osannut yhtään aavistaa että se olisit sinä. (Vaikka kylläkin kävelit about 3m päässä musta, en silti tunnistanut, mutta kun et kuitenkaan asu Tampereella niin ei tullut mieleen..)

    Tavallaan hyvä vaan, koska muuten olisin taas hävennyt itseäni, jos olisin tajunnut että se olet sinä haha..

  13. Hi! This is very interesting and worth to read. I would really appreciate your way of expression. I should come-back to see your further postings Thanks & Have a nice day……

  14. Commenting acting all bitchy again...Rady here!~

    Ano: I weigh 44 kg which is 97 lbs!

    Karo: Täälähän mä oon koko ajan XD

    Röspe: Voiei, luin tän ihan myöhässä B(

    Floral nails: Ooo , hauska sattuma BD

  15. Your outfits are amazing, so gyaru! You're very very cute <3