torstai 7. heinäkuuta 2011

BoA - game inspired makeup & info!

Hi guys!

First thing you probably noticed is how different my blog looks now! I'm doing this sort of an ''construction'' on my blog, I'll be slowly working on with this more when I have time. Banner is only temporary and some more changes will take place in the near future~

Anyways, on to the second subject!

My friend held a bday party while ago and few days earlier we had a great idea! We decided to do something over the top for our makeup :3

My look was inspired by this musicvideo from BoA :

I changed the glitter to yellow and modified it bit to suit my eyeshape better~
Thank god I'm not full time makeup blogger, I can't take a good photo of makeup even if my life would depend on it....

This ended up being quite tiny update... I have more stuff to talk to you about but I don't want to make huuge posts with all the stuff mixed together with no logic. So I guess I'll see you guys again really really soon!

♥ Rady

14 kommenttia:

  1. awww~ great makeup^^ I would like to see a tutorial about that make up^^

  2. Second shou-chan *o*
    A tutorial would be super awesome. The make-up looks really good on you ♥

  3. ohhh näyttää ihan supersiistiltä! 8D vois kokeilla itekki joskus kun on aikaa

  4. Shou-chan & Anna: thanks a lot, I'll take that tutorial to consideration!

    Linni: hihii, kiitos kaunis!

  5. super great make up, I third this♥♥♥
    Looks gorgeous!

  6. Oh wowie, I'm really liking the makeup! :D

  7. Like the changes and great look. Nice make-up and really like the hair.

    Japan Australia

  8. Oiiii~~ ♥♥♥ Siis ihan mieletön meikki (*oo*) en osais varmaan tehä ees tommosta!! ♥♥ Ootan innolla mitä kaikkee aiot tähän blogiin laittaa ~~ (^--^) ♥♥

  9. Thankies everyone!

    Sari: ei tuo itseasiassa ole kovin monimutkainen :3

  10. awesome make-up and hairstyle! I totally love it! *O*