sunnuntai 24. heinäkuuta 2011

Thank you & Spa trip!

Hi sweeties!

First things first ; OH MY GOD, BUDDHA, ALLAH OR WHATEVER. 300+ followers. I seriously didn't expect that so many people would find the crap I write somehow interesting. Thank you so much, everyone of you ;______; I'll have to do something special for you guys!

And the second thing; I went to spa with my family on Thursday so here's some photospam for you! Prepare for fuckloads of photos...

Outfit of the day

Dress - Rosebullet
Shorts - Catworld
Cardigan- New Yorker
Knee highs- Seppälä
Ankle boots- Bianco

On the way to the spa we stopped by @ Ideapark because it started to thunder and we needed some lunch. Amazing chicken burger and even more amazing dip for the fries *--* I could only finish half and I was so full that it was hard to walk but I just had to force more and more food down my throat because it was so damn good ...

Santra being sad because the room was fugly : <

Found this from the spas gift shop ;__; loads of love

Why are the spa bathrobes always so huuuuge? I mean, you could fit three sumo-wrestlers into one of those .... Need to start bringing my own bathrobe.

One thing I love, hotel breakfast!

On friday we headed to Tampere to go Särkänniemi amusement park!

Outfit was simple, I wanted something comfy!

Blouse- Seppälä
Shorts- Catworld
Knee highs- Seppälä
Ankle boots- Bianco

The truth.

Me & my new friend mr. Dracula

Planetarium was so cool, we watched a documentary about black holes there! My sister and my dad both fell asleep but I was like '' *---* '' for whole time lol. I really like all space-related stuff ~

There was also a small aquarium in the same building !

As a last thing before leaving we went to take some pictures on top of an obsevation tower, just check out the view!

Well, end of photospam here. I haven't done much anything lately, I've just lagged @ home so I haven't had much to update about... Hopefully I get bit more active before my summer vacation ends lol

♥ Rady

tiistai 19. heinäkuuta 2011

Shopping look!

Long time no see, folks!

I haven't had anything to blog about in a while, last week I was at my bf's and we just lagged all week watching movies, playing games and gaining body fat.

But yesterday I finally went out on public to search for a new bikini ( I'm going to spa on Thursday and my old one is butt-ugly)

I did some messy braids for change! They're quite comfortable in hot weather and I think they look quite adorable~

Look of the day! I wanted to do more mature-looking outfit for change. With those braids I think I ended up looking bit like a country artist lol

Lacetop (My camera doesn't really pick the black lace up..)- Self made
Jeans- Seppälä
Belt- Pieces
Bracelets- KappAhl
Ring- H&M

Here's my new babies! I have totally fell in love with them, I bought these like a week ago from Bianco footwear and I've been using these non-stop. Aren't they just beautiful ;__;? Probably my best buy in ages since they're also very comfortable!

Okie, that's all I guess, see you guys later!


lauantai 9. heinäkuuta 2011

Straight bangs made a comeback!

Few days ago I got fed up with my overgrown bangs always hanging on my face and never sitting right. I thought that I could give straight bangs another shot! Hair is renewable resource anyways so why not?

What do you guys think? I actually like it quite a lot, I was kinda bored with my old, long bangs so it's nice to have some change :3 This also covers my fugly forehead so yay! I had been growing out my bangs for quite while so I might regret this later on but right now I'm pretty pleased~

♥ Rady

torstai 7. heinäkuuta 2011

BoA - game inspired makeup & info!

Hi guys!

First thing you probably noticed is how different my blog looks now! I'm doing this sort of an ''construction'' on my blog, I'll be slowly working on with this more when I have time. Banner is only temporary and some more changes will take place in the near future~

Anyways, on to the second subject!

My friend held a bday party while ago and few days earlier we had a great idea! We decided to do something over the top for our makeup :3

My look was inspired by this musicvideo from BoA :

I changed the glitter to yellow and modified it bit to suit my eyeshape better~
Thank god I'm not full time makeup blogger, I can't take a good photo of makeup even if my life would depend on it....

This ended up being quite tiny update... I have more stuff to talk to you about but I don't want to make huuge posts with all the stuff mixed together with no logic. So I guess I'll see you guys again really really soon!

♥ Rady

perjantai 1. heinäkuuta 2011

Xtra Super 2tone brown review!

Hi guys!

Lol I accidentally posted this before I had finished, hopefully no one saw that.
Remember when I mentioned my new lenses in my last post? Well now I finally managed to post some proper photos~

I wasn't actually going to buy new lenses just yet but I accidentally broke my only pair of usable lenses so I had to make quick decisions. I feel like my face look empty without lenses and I just couldn't wait for the shippings and all so I thought I could give Cybershops new ( ok I don't know how new they are, first time I saw them lol) Xtra Super 2Tone lenses a try.

Me wearing them (obiously).

Here's the desing and colour! Their diameter is 15.0 mm and base curve is 8.7 mm.

Funniest thing, the package said GEO medical Magic color but I'm sure they're just fake because there's no authenticity seal anywhere. Not that they promoted them as Geo lenses in the first place but the package is bit confusing.

Close up of my eye with the lens! Covers my natural eyecolor quite well!

Enlargement effect is huuuuge! I had never used lenses this big so I was amazed how big they made my eyes look. Btw this photo was taken on a different day than the others with super old lashes, that's why my lashes look really weird.

What do you think? I can recommend these,I've been wearing these for about a week now and they are really comfy, I can wear them all day and they stay in place really well. Imo they give a really nice and dolly look to my eyes : 3 they were quite expensive though, 32 euros per pair, but well, lenses in Finland are always expensive. I'm pleased!

♥ Rady