maanantai 13. kesäkuuta 2011

Tiny tiny update

What's up peeps?

Now that the summer vacation has started and I only have to worry about work you'd think that I have shitloads of stuff to talk to you about but think again. I have been looking absolutely boring thanks to my work that has a tendency of ruining all my clothes with dust and crap. It's been so hot outside that after work I've just been tanning and sitting in front of our fan. For some reason I haven't even opened my laptop after last Wednesday. Maybe this week I'll look more decent since the weather is going to be bit cooler!

Anyways, on Friday after work I dressed up bit nicer and used the new dress my mom had bought me as a suprise gift~

Facespamminggg! Note to self: next time, clean up the backround....

Isn't it adorable? It's one of my favourites now, it's quite short but lace shorts underneath and problem solved! Luv mommy♥

Well I think that's all I have dor you guys today, I thought about posting a hilarious video from my working place showing how good employees we are ( meaning: we made a tunnel that goes through all the file cabinets in our stockroom so we can just crawl though them lol) but I'm not sure if my co-workers would have appreciated that. Maybe next time!

♥ Rady

13 kommenttia:

  1. Choco-chan: thankies! I've been wanting a white, lacey dress for quite a while now~

  2. so cute,do you know where is the dress from?

  3. Where did you get your hair extensions and have you coloured them yourself? Or were they that colour when you bought them?

  4. Ano1: It's 59seconds via yesstyle if I remember right!
    Ano2: I always buy my hair extensions from and dye them to match my hair!

  5. gorgeous dress and make-up! you look so summery and lovely ♥

    miu xx

  6. It's suRprise, not suprise, you should know that by now lol.

  7. Hihiii ~~~ Tiedän niin tunteen XDD Mä oon kanssa ollu vaan töissä ja koska kaikki muut siellä on lomalla niin oon yksin koko toimistolla XDDDDD Eli kukaan ei nää mua niin en näytä kauheen ihmiseltäkään....... 8DDDD Ehkä tässä joskus kun saan mun vaatteet niin päivitän vähän enemmän ja useemmin 8DDDD

  8. Ano: really? I've always written it like that and no one has ever said anything about it! Thanks for telling me~

    Sari: jee, en ole yksin ongelmani kanssa XD!