maanantai 27. kesäkuuta 2011

Midsummer day look!

Hi peeps!

Last weekend people in Finland celebrated midsummer! I'm not sure if other countries celebrate it as well.. But anyways, most Finns go to their summer cottages and eat loads of barbeque food, drink beer, go fishing and stuff but I stayed in city and went to friends place to celebrate with bunch of great people! Before going there we had a mini photoshoot so here's some photos of my midsummer day look!

I camwhored my face while Santra was getting ready! Did you notice my new lenses? Probably not since they're pretty much same colour than my old ones lol, more about them in a next post I'll publish later this week!

Crop top- Monki
Top- Modström
Jeggings- Seppälä
Shoes- Monki
Owl necklace- Glitter

Should I start adding where I got the items in my outfit? I used to do it but now I've been skipping it. Anywaays, I wanted to try out some bohemian look, but with no maxidress because it's overdone look and I dislike them a lot. For most of the time, they just don't look good on anyone in my opinion. For most people they just don't suit at all. Sorry all maxidress lovers, I do think they're pretty but you need to have that something in you to make it work.

Lots of flowers! I loved the field because it had so much flowers, it made such a nice backround for bohemian theme.

Anyways, that's all for today, I think I'll go sunbathe a little and enjoy the the sun!~ I'll be back later this week, I have more stuff to post as soon as I get all the stuff finished.

♥ Rady

22 kommenttia:

  1. omg this white outfit looks great on you :3

  2. This outfit really looks great. Really cute and I love your hair!

  3. Aww thank you both :3 ! It's not full white actually, tank top is bit pinkish!

  4. ihania kuvia, rakastan sun hiuksia ! *-*

  5. ZOMG I LOVE YOUR HAIR! It's so so beautiful <3

  6. cute hair girlie!

    nice blog you have here. Great post. :3

    Followed you ! Do visit me and feel free to follow back!

  7. I love the outfit and it is very bohemian and almost 60s inspired especially with all the flowers in the background.

    Japan Australia

  8. what hair dye u used ? :3 pretty girl ~

  9. Aww thank you so much, everyone ;__;

    Omppu: aapua, mietinkin et tuo paita oli hieman tutun näköinen D::!

    Ano: Loreal excellence creme in 7.31, called kaschmir beige blonde~

  10. So cute look!
    I love your hair ^__^

  11. ihana asu ja rakastan sun hiuksii ^^

    ootko muuten huomannu et ku piirrät kulmii nii alotat ne kauheen kaukaa niiden oikeesta paikasta? näyttävät vähä hassuilta pötkylöiltä.

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