maanantai 30. toukokuuta 2011

Kouvola trip!

Hi guys!

First of all, what is wrong with Blogger commenting nowdays? I haven't been able to answer with my own account for days... weird. I hope it gets fixed soon.

And yeah, now moving on to the topic! I went to Kouvola last weekend to help my dad with his business. I had never been there so when I got a chance, I went to tour around the city a bit with Santra~

Here's my look for the day! Note my new laceshorts, luv them a lot!

Lightning was so nice so I just had to camwhore a little...

After doing some super cheap sales shoppings we found this super cute cafe that I really fell in love with! It was all pink and heart themed and I just had to go there :3

We got some cappuchino and triplechocolatecake!

FOOD P0RN! I swear this was the yummiest thing I've ever eaten ;__; I decided that I need to get this for my graduation party next year! And yes, I'd drive few hundred kilometres for that, it was so damn good.

This phone charger thing made me very confused at first but a staff lady explained it to me after I had just pointlessly showed my phone to that circle couple of times...

Santra and the super cute interior desing of the cafe! I really wish this cafe would be in Helsinki, not in Kouvola..... I'm totally in love ;_;

Tomorrow I'm having my last test and then it's practically vacation timee~ ! Only test returning day on Friday and spring festival on Saturday : 3 I also got a call today that I got a summerjob, starting next monday! I'm pretty excited ~

Now I'll have to study some math, see you lovelies soon !

♥ Rady

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  1. Aivan ihana tuo asu~ *--* Ja ruoka! <3 Saanko kysyä, mikä kesätyöpaikka? :)

  2. You outfit is soo cute! <3 and the food omnomnom! Makes me hungry now >0<''

  3. Love your outfit, and Santra looks so cute! Good luck with your test ^-^

  4. You look amazing! ^^ So pretty ^^

    I also have that problem with the commenting ;
    ________; It's working now, but on my other computer it isn't D: I also couldn't few my followers for a few days >_<"

    ZOMG You're making me hungry with all of those food piccies lawls :P

  5. Wen: Ihan vaan perus toimistohommia yhessä firmassa, mutta kivaa vaihteeksi tehdä muuta kuin olla koulussa! : 3 Kiitos kaunis~

    Fanny : aww thank you a lot!

    Maria may: Thankies!

    Nalaxia: Thankies! She is such a cutie~

    Lizzie: Thank you a lot ;A; Haha, I have a secret mission to make my followers hungry!

    ~Rady, commenting still lagging.......

  6. Aww I love your outfit~ So cute *-* And the hair,, aww <3

    Love <3

  7. Ihana asu ♡♡♡ ^--^ Supercute~~ ♡♡

    Ja vähän jännä tuo puhelinlaturihomma XDDDD ♡♡♡ HIGHTEC o//

  8. mitä ripsiä käytät ? :---)

    oot ihana as always !!

  9. Sari: thankies~ hirveen futuristista XDD

    Ano: Nää on itsetehdyt hybridit eyluren ja marlissin ripsistä! :3 kiitos kaunis~

  10. yo give me your cake bitch QQ; you look fabulous <3

  11. Get your own cake >:---0! Thankies~

  12. I'm living Kouvola : D

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