maanantai 30. toukokuuta 2011

Kouvola trip!

Hi guys!

First of all, what is wrong with Blogger commenting nowdays? I haven't been able to answer with my own account for days... weird. I hope it gets fixed soon.

And yeah, now moving on to the topic! I went to Kouvola last weekend to help my dad with his business. I had never been there so when I got a chance, I went to tour around the city a bit with Santra~

Here's my look for the day! Note my new laceshorts, luv them a lot!

Lightning was so nice so I just had to camwhore a little...

After doing some super cheap sales shoppings we found this super cute cafe that I really fell in love with! It was all pink and heart themed and I just had to go there :3

We got some cappuchino and triplechocolatecake!

FOOD P0RN! I swear this was the yummiest thing I've ever eaten ;__; I decided that I need to get this for my graduation party next year! And yes, I'd drive few hundred kilometres for that, it was so damn good.

This phone charger thing made me very confused at first but a staff lady explained it to me after I had just pointlessly showed my phone to that circle couple of times...

Santra and the super cute interior desing of the cafe! I really wish this cafe would be in Helsinki, not in Kouvola..... I'm totally in love ;_;

Tomorrow I'm having my last test and then it's practically vacation timee~ ! Only test returning day on Friday and spring festival on Saturday : 3 I also got a call today that I got a summerjob, starting next monday! I'm pretty excited ~

Now I'll have to study some math, see you lovelies soon !

♥ Rady

torstai 26. toukokuuta 2011

Review : Skin79 super+ BB cream!

Hi guys!

Sorry for not posting in a while, I have been really busy with social life and school, I have a testweek going on and one of my best friends was at my place until yesterday! I should be studying for my social studies test but I wanted to come and say hi :3

So anyways, I've been searching for new foundation for ages since my favourite foundation, Dior capture totale, is bit pricey for my current financial situation. So while ordering some clothes from Yesstyle I thought that I could try BB since many people have told me that it really is amazing stuff. I had almost forgot that I ordered it when I finally got my package while ago! The one I ordered was Skin79 pink label super+ BB cream .

I must admit that I was bit sceptical about all that '' Looks really natural and covers everything'' - talk. But damn, when I first put it on I was so amazed! I usually use primer+concealer+foundation+powder but now I used just BB cream and powder and it looked just as good, covering some of my big pores and redness. It also feels really light and has SPF 25, so It's really good for upcoming summer!

These are the most unphotoshopped photos you will find from this blog, I thought that retouching my skin in make-up review would have been bit like... cheating? Anyways, this doesn't leave my skin looking cakey at all! I was bit afraid it would dry my skin since my skin is as moist as Sahara, but no, my skin feels really moisturised :3

Here some photos to show how well it covers! I thought showing my makeupless face would have been too brutal so here you can see my reddish birthmark on my hand without and with BB cream. In real life the mark is even redder and the change is even more visible but my camera didn't quite capture it.... But anyways, it covers redness really well!

I'm really pleased with this product and it only costs around 15 dollars, which makes it like over 50 dollars cheaper than Dior foundation, so yay I'm happy!

And to the end I'll post my look for today, I was quite pleased with it

♥ Rady

sunnuntai 15. toukokuuta 2011

Lazy summer days~

Hello, long time no see!

I've been really lazy last week, it's been so warm and nice that I've just been slacking in the sun. I already got my first sunburn lol! Ok it wasn't really anything nice, it was hard to carry my schoolbag since my shoulders were bright red and so damn sore : <

Anyways, I thought I'd share some photos from last couple of days !

My look for friday! We had sort of girls night ( Nicke and Allu joined us later on though haha!)

We played date game, watched ice-hockey ( I hate it but everyone else wanted to watch..) and sung shitloads of Disney songs! Neighbours must have appreciated us a lot... but I had so much fun ♥

Yesterday I went to my stepmothers friends wedding !

I was pretty pleased with my look even though I came up with it in like 5 minutes! Muchos love for the shoes, I haven't been using them in a while because huuge heels but they're just so pretty with all the ruffle on front♥

Nomnom food! I was so full after the meal, everything looked so yummy that I took a huge mountains of food on my plate and couldn't finish even half of it...

Me and my sister ! The wedding got bit boring at one point so we entertained ourselves by camwhoring at bathroom .....

Okie, that's all I got today, I think I'll go to jog soon and then finish up my homework! :3 See you again as soon as possible!~


sunnuntai 8. toukokuuta 2011

Mini photoshoot at park!

Hello peeps!

Sorry for not posting in a while, I've had lots of other stuff on my mind last week ! :3

But anyways, today was a really pretty day so I took my new bag for testdrive and headed to park nearby with Santra and Waltsu to take some proper outfit photos. The surroundings were so nice and the athmosphere of the photos turned out really summery~

Ignore the fact that my leg looks HUUGE from that angle

Then some off-shoot photos! I saw some ducks at the park and wanted to say hi..

...but they didn't seem to like me very much : (

Mr. Duck says hi!

By the way I realised that I had gotten my first signs of TAN today ! I can't wait for next week, it's going to be really warm and maybe I could start building up my tan now.~

♥ Rady