maanantai 11. huhtikuuta 2011

Thank you & week of hairyness!

First things first, thank you everyone of you awesome followers! I never thought that I'd get + 200 followers ;__; LOVE YOU GUYS! I really appreciate everyone of you ♥. What should I do to celebrate this? Makeup post has been requested couple of times so I've been thinking about that but I'm open to any suggestions!

And to the other things! I was sitting on a train yesterday when I saw this girl with the most cutes french braided hair ever and realised that I've been stuck to this one basic curly hairstyle for ages now. Then I got the idea of doing this hairstyle experimenting week! So whole this week, I'm going to experiment all kinds of hairstyles that I haven't yet tried.

I'm not yet sure how to post pictures of these, would like me to post them everyday or would you prefer a big post at the end of the week?

This is todays hairstyle!

Half french braid, half curled hair!

I did this kind of braid for the first time in my entire life ( ok braided bangs are quite similar but anyways) but I think it turned out ok!

And one bathroom mirror shot to show the whole thing!

Please comment on how you think I should post pictures of the hairdos this week, I'd really appreciate your opinion :3

♥ Rady

12 kommenttia:

  1. Oi toi näyttää kivalle ! Ja postaa joka päivä :3 + ton neuleen (?) alla oleva paita, mistä oot ostanu sen :3

  2. SUCH a cute hairstyle! : D I love it!
    You should post it over 2-3 times, I think. Like 2-3 pics of hair in two-three different entries :)

  3. Oooh lookin' awesome! Such an amaazing hairstyle ^^ I wish I could do hair like that ;_____;

  4. Aww thankies peeps ;_;!

    Indi: Se on ihan Seppälästä, siinä on semmoset kivat rusettiasiat takana vielä niin se on aika söötti ;_;!

  5. postaa joka päivä!:) toi hiustyyli sopii sulle hyvin♥

  6. Söpö tukka! ♥ : D

  7. Kiitos kiitos, mietin tässä että on varmaan parempi postata joka toinen päivä , ehtivät ihmiset paremmin lukea postaukset ja on mullekkin ehkä aikataulullisesti helpompaa !

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