maanantai 4. huhtikuuta 2011

Spring is finally coming to finland!

...atleast according to newspapers, when you look outside it's really depressing looking, rainy and gray. But it said in newspaper that spring is here this week! Due to that and the fact that my school started at 12, I wanted to look extra girly today!

Flowy fabrics and pastel colors for the win!
Can't wait 'till the weather gets warmer so I don't have to wear thick stockings... I'm totally ready to leave thick jackets and knits to collect dust on the back of my wardrobe! ( And maybe when it's little dryer and not so slippery outside I'll go jogging more often and be ready for bikini season when it comes...)

And the random print on my skirt? Kitties ;A; ♥

And here's some inspirational images , this is what I want to look like this spring~

Flowy fabrics, floral, pastels, high-waisted shorts.... ♥

That's all for today,see you again soon!

♥ Rady

ps. this is the most hilarious video I've seen in a long time! Story of my life...

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  1. Löysin sun blogin tänään sattumaisiltani, so jippiaijeis~ Sulla on ihana blogi, oon lukenut jo monta sun bloggausta. Aaniin, tosi söpöjä kuvia ja oot kanssa ite tosi nättimys ! (⌒∀⌒")ツ

  2. Oi kiitos, kiva että tykkäät ;_; !

  3. HAHAHA, I'm subbed to Jenna - she's HILARIOUS! She just did a 'How to trick people into thinking you have nice boobs'-video! XD haha

    I love your skirt btw! : D

  4. OMC (Oh my cute♥!)
    I just found you, Girl~!! The header is the cutest. How did you do that?....

    I followed your blog. Care to give a little love to mine? :3

    PS. If it's not your cup of kawaii tea, no need to follow. But I think you will really love it, ne~!!

  5. Hi! Like your blog! Seems pretty cool;)
    Just thought you may like mine too kuz I blog about kinda Japaneeese stuff. Hope you can find sth fun and you are more welcome if you subscribe it!

    x x Vanilla♡LiLy


  7. Thnx for all the nice comments ♥

    나니: Omg I gotta watch that asap!

  8. voi ei ihana toi hame <3 ! ;_; ja sinäki sairaan nättinä ;A;

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