keskiviikko 13. huhtikuuta 2011

Hairweek part 2. Tuesday&Wednesday

Hello again!

So I decided that I will post these hairpictures every other day, so that will mean that next post are up Friday and Sunday! More time for you guys to read and less rush for me~

So here's Tuesday hair!

Here you can see my boring natural eyecolor, I forgot my brown lenses to my moms place...

Kind of an updo thing with bow and some curls hanging loose ( I really don't know what I can call this, a half updo? ). Just curled some hair from the top and clipped them to other side of the head and slipped some curled extesions there!

And todays hair!

Curly updo with little bow hairband! I've really started to like updos now. One of the reasons is...

that I can show off my cute earrings ;A;! I used to have three on cartilage but one of them dropped, I should go to re-pierce it soon :< I still want get tragus piercing , then my ear would look exactly they way I want it~ (Now that I look at this photo I realise how funny looking thing ear actually is hahaha)

Okie, see you guys on Friday!


14 kommenttia:

  1. keskiviikko hiukset aaaa lalala ihanat ;w; SAAT LAITTAA MUNKI HIUKSET JOSKUS KIITOOOOOOS♥

  2. I'm loving the hairstyles! They're really inspiring for day-to-day hair, rather than just stick straight or curly. (Which most people always do...)
    I love your flower earrings! Matching earrings are always so cute. :3

  3. Woww vähänkö olet taitava laittamaan hiuksia!! ;w; ❤ Nättiä~

  4. Aww thanks a lot peeps ;_; ❤

    Omppu: Joo mikäs siinä jos uskaltaudut antaa kutrisi mun käsittelyyn XD!

  5. I love your earings and your hair :)!
    Sorry about being so... "ausent" I don't know the word in english jaja I have got exams but tomorrow I'll finish and I'll get to your blog again and comment all the post I haven't read yet

  6. LOVE your hairdo from today! UGHHH so cute <3

  7. your hairdo is awesome!! Love it!! It's totally agejo!! *o*

  8. Aww thank you a lot everyone ❤ U guys brighten up my day rly :3

  9. tottakai uskaltaudun :::D ! etkä näytä kamalalta. sitäpaitsi kaikki kattoo vaan mua♥ eiku