lauantai 30. huhtikuuta 2011

Mayday Vlog!

Sorry, only in Finnish :< ! Next time I'll do a vlog I'll do it English or sub it. If you have any ideas for my next videoposts , please leave a comment, I actually like doing these! I need to buy a better cam, my webcam quality is HORRIBLE.

Turn UP the volume !

Anyways, I'll be off to celebrate May day! See you later~

♥ Rady

tiistai 26. huhtikuuta 2011

Jae's bday dinner!

Hello lovelies, long time no blogging!

I am terribly late with this post but anyways... Last friday we celebrated Jae's birthday @ Amarillo! It's really cozy restaurant with nice athmosphere and I had so much fun, I had missed my girlies a lot ♥! I only ate some mozzarella sticks but DAMN were they cheesy! I could only eat three out of four and then I started to feel sick...

W/ Laura!

I realised how to take these club- vibeish photos with my camera and I fell in love with them so every photo I took that evening looked like this...

Cuties Jae & Siru ♥!

I liked this photo a lot but because I shook a bit my nose looked very moomin-like so I solved this problem by drawing a kitty. What you mean by '' no artistic talent''?

Lol @ my face. Point of this picture was to show that there were so many of us in the bday dinner! Altogether something like 20!

Okie , that's all for today folks, I'll be back as soon as I get some photos from Annyeong!Party~


Click here!

sunnuntai 17. huhtikuuta 2011

Hairweek part 4. Saturday&Sunday

Hello lovelies!

Today was the last day of my hair theme week ! I'm glad that I did this, even though I had to wake up bit earlier, I've gotten many new ideas and learned to do many new hairstyles. You followers have also seem to like this themeweek :3 !

But yeah, enough with the blabber and on to the subject! Here's Saturdays hair!

I got only one picture of the hairdo since I was babysitting two hyperactive dogs with Santra from 8 am to 10 pm os I didn't have much time to camwhore :< The hairdo was quite cute though!

Speak of the devil... here are the dogs we were looking after. Here they are cute since we had just gotten back from a long walk and they were pretty tired. PROBABLY THE BEST MOMENTS OF THE WHOLE DAY LOL.

And todays hair!

Pompadour with french braids!
I actually tied this because I wanted an easily manageable hair for the summers music festivals, with this hairdo and loads of hairspray you don't have to worry if your hair gets flat or anything and this has nice, little bohemian vibe to it~ Still need to figure out how to make me look less bald, there's this one place that ends up looking bit bald. You can probably see what I mean. :<

BTW, today was really warm and springfull day,nearly all the snow has melted! We bought some chocolate eggs and enjoyed the weather outside~ I feel really summery now. I need to go shopping for some summer dresses!

♥ Rady

perjantai 15. huhtikuuta 2011

Hairweek part 3. Thursday& Friday

Hello again!

As promised, now I'll post couple photos from my latest hairdos! I was going to post this little earlier today, but I needed to do plenty of stuff and just now I found time :<

But anyways, here's Thursdays hair!

Big braids! Simple but cute and really quick to do at morning. I had extremely bad face day or face-won't-cooperate-with-camera - day so only one picture here. I liked my hair but my face just looked weird in every picture lol.

Todays hair!

Teased curls with headband! I think this would look great with some sort of bohemian headband or a scarf too, gotta try and find some new headbands~

Okies, that was it, sorry if I seemed rushed but I'm still going to dye my roots today and I hope that I can get myself to bed early since I'm going to babysit two dogs tomorrow morning ;A;! They're absolutely adorable , I can't wait ~

♥ Rady

ps. I just realised that it's time to wash my mirror lol. It seems so crappy in the pictures...

keskiviikko 13. huhtikuuta 2011

Hairweek part 2. Tuesday&Wednesday

Hello again!

So I decided that I will post these hairpictures every other day, so that will mean that next post are up Friday and Sunday! More time for you guys to read and less rush for me~

So here's Tuesday hair!

Here you can see my boring natural eyecolor, I forgot my brown lenses to my moms place...

Kind of an updo thing with bow and some curls hanging loose ( I really don't know what I can call this, a half updo? ). Just curled some hair from the top and clipped them to other side of the head and slipped some curled extesions there!

And todays hair!

Curly updo with little bow hairband! I've really started to like updos now. One of the reasons is...

that I can show off my cute earrings ;A;! I used to have three on cartilage but one of them dropped, I should go to re-pierce it soon :< I still want get tragus piercing , then my ear would look exactly they way I want it~ (Now that I look at this photo I realise how funny looking thing ear actually is hahaha)

Okie, see you guys on Friday!


maanantai 11. huhtikuuta 2011

Thank you & week of hairyness!

First things first, thank you everyone of you awesome followers! I never thought that I'd get + 200 followers ;__; LOVE YOU GUYS! I really appreciate everyone of you ♥. What should I do to celebrate this? Makeup post has been requested couple of times so I've been thinking about that but I'm open to any suggestions!

And to the other things! I was sitting on a train yesterday when I saw this girl with the most cutes french braided hair ever and realised that I've been stuck to this one basic curly hairstyle for ages now. Then I got the idea of doing this hairstyle experimenting week! So whole this week, I'm going to experiment all kinds of hairstyles that I haven't yet tried.

I'm not yet sure how to post pictures of these, would like me to post them everyday or would you prefer a big post at the end of the week?

This is todays hairstyle!

Half french braid, half curled hair!

I did this kind of braid for the first time in my entire life ( ok braided bangs are quite similar but anyways) but I think it turned out ok!

And one bathroom mirror shot to show the whole thing!

Please comment on how you think I should post pictures of the hairdos this week, I'd really appreciate your opinion :3

♥ Rady

maanantai 4. huhtikuuta 2011

Spring is finally coming to finland!

...atleast according to newspapers, when you look outside it's really depressing looking, rainy and gray. But it said in newspaper that spring is here this week! Due to that and the fact that my school started at 12, I wanted to look extra girly today!

Flowy fabrics and pastel colors for the win!
Can't wait 'till the weather gets warmer so I don't have to wear thick stockings... I'm totally ready to leave thick jackets and knits to collect dust on the back of my wardrobe! ( And maybe when it's little dryer and not so slippery outside I'll go jogging more often and be ready for bikini season when it comes...)

And the random print on my skirt? Kitties ;A; ♥

And here's some inspirational images , this is what I want to look like this spring~

Flowy fabrics, floral, pastels, high-waisted shorts.... ♥

That's all for today,see you again soon!

♥ Rady

ps. this is the most hilarious video I've seen in a long time! Story of my life...