tiistai 22. maaliskuuta 2011

Still alive!

Title says it all! I have survived this years finals (next fall there's more for me wohoo)yay for me! Have you guys been missing me while I have not been posting haha?

I visited Stockholm last week with some of my classmates but most of the photos are still on Saras camera and I want to post all the photos same time so patience, patience ~ I got bit sick there but now I'm back on my feet again, little snotty and stuff but otherwise as good as new : 3

Anyways, I was going to have a photoshoot today in my photography class but when I went to class ,whoopsie, no more cameras left. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO ON A PHOTOGRAPHY LESSON IF I HAVE NO CAMERA . I was quite pissed so I left home early and did some camwhorage because my daily dose camwhoring wasn't yet archieved!

This is what I was supposed to be wearing for the photoshoot!

It look better without the knit but it's still too cold to wear it like this :C Can't wait for summer when I can wear this and can can hat!

Love my necklace watch thing purrr ;__;

Ok this ended up being yet another boring outfit post, but no worries I'll be back really soon I promise! And with lots of photos and more interesting stuff~


7 kommenttia:

  1. Ohhh I like your hair in these photos : D

  2. perfect match! hair, circle lens, makeup... i love everything!! and yes you have beautiful hair <3

  3. Kauniita kuvia♥
    Ihana toi kaulakoru. Ja noi kynnet myös♥ 8)

  4. oot ihan hirmulaiha .____.

  5. nahh pretty girl *O*
    your outfits are amazing too

  6. Lovin' your hair! wish I could do curls like that *__*