torstai 31. maaliskuuta 2011

What I've been doing lately

Hello guys!

I've been about to update since... monday? Days have just quickly passed and I've just been too lazy.


...been to a black&white party!

I can't even remember when it's been so windy that it was that day, it ruined my hair and I had to re-glue my lashes.....


Later we went to some crappy karaoke place, only me and Nao sang though.XD Karaoke must be the best and the worst invention in the whole world.

Me and the birthday girl Nao ♥!

...eaten shitloads of good food!

Blue cupcakes we did on monday!

Have I ever mentioned that I love everything with chèvre? Well now I have! Chèvrepasta is heavenly ♥

Lime frozen yogurt,melon,whipped cream & strawberry sorbet! I wish it was summer already so I'd have an excuse for eating lots of ice cream... My healthy eating plan isn't going very well as you can see...

...been annoyed by my destroyed view.

Used to have a good view from my bedroom, especially on summer when the trees are nice and green but now they started to build something and now ..... it just looks horrible ;_; Next week they're starting to do somekind of explosion stuff, some people came earlier this week to check if this building can take it... DISLIKE THIS A LOT.


torstai 24. maaliskuuta 2011


Hello peeps!

Get ready for major photospam.
I finally got the Stockholm trip and prom cruise photos! Our prom cruise was delayed because of some issues with our schools managment but we got the chance to go last weeks wednesday! I had my psychology finals in the morning and right after that we got on a bus and headed to port!

I hadn't been on a cruise for looong time so I had forgotten how glamorous ships casino and club looked like! Flash ruins the mood a bit, those stair were nice and glowy!

Me and Sara, having a pre-party in our cabin!

I loved these tables in the ships second club ;--; And light sticks are must thing on a cruise lol!

We went back to our cabins quite early that night so we could get up early next morning ! So next day when the ship got into port we got on a bus to go to centre of Stockholm.

WE BOUGHT SO MUCH FOOD. I mean, when you can't expect what's coming you just end up like ''ooh that looks yummy!'' and buy food all the time! That muffin was extrasuperdelish, dumlecola muffin from some food stand on Galleria mall.

Sara got carrotcake muffin!

This chocolatestand was so hard to resist :< everything looked so good!

Somewhere in Stockholm, looking as tourists as ones can. :---D

Nomnom we bought some snack to the ship ♥

Fugly photo but here are the side effects of Watermelon Breezer ... Why doesn't Lime breezer turn your mouth into green :C? How cool would that be!

Posing with Sara before going to club to listen some KARAOKE . Pohjoiskarjala kajahti meiltäkin, tosin pöydistä käsin XD.

Later on ppl came to our cabin AND I KNOW THAT SOME THESE LOVELY GENTELEMEN TURNED OFF OUR HEATING. I'm still sick because of that :C

But anyways, guess that was all of them. Thank you Jonna for organizing everything!


tiistai 22. maaliskuuta 2011

Still alive!

Title says it all! I have survived this years finals (next fall there's more for me wohoo)yay for me! Have you guys been missing me while I have not been posting haha?

I visited Stockholm last week with some of my classmates but most of the photos are still on Saras camera and I want to post all the photos same time so patience, patience ~ I got bit sick there but now I'm back on my feet again, little snotty and stuff but otherwise as good as new : 3

Anyways, I was going to have a photoshoot today in my photography class but when I went to class ,whoopsie, no more cameras left. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO ON A PHOTOGRAPHY LESSON IF I HAVE NO CAMERA . I was quite pissed so I left home early and did some camwhorage because my daily dose camwhoring wasn't yet archieved!

This is what I was supposed to be wearing for the photoshoot!

It look better without the knit but it's still too cold to wear it like this :C Can't wait for summer when I can wear this and can can hat!

Love my necklace watch thing purrr ;__;

Ok this ended up being yet another boring outfit post, but no worries I'll be back really soon I promise! And with lots of photos and more interesting stuff~


keskiviikko 9. maaliskuuta 2011

Back in brunette

Guess what? Last Friday or Thursday , I got really anxious about my hair. Without thinking too long , I went to get some hair dye and dyed my hair. The main reason was the greenish colour that appeared to my hair because our water seems to have high amount of heavy metals in it :<

Anyways, this is what I ended up with! In case anyone is interested, the dye I used L'oreal excellence creme in 7.31 Kaschmir Beige Blond. Somehow, I feel more ''home'' in this color than in blonde!
I also added some blonde and dark brown extensions with the ''base'' color.
Do you like it ?

And since I haven't posted an outfit photo in ages, this is what I wore on Tuesday when I went to meet friends in Helsinki! Felt good to be social for change, only a week before psychology finals so I've staying home A LOT! That also explains why I have nothing to show you guys , I haven't been doing anything lately lol.

♥ Rady