keskiviikko 9. helmikuuta 2011

I shop, therefore I am.

EXAM WEEK= OVER. Life begins again ;______;

Last weekend I relieved my schoolstress by going to STUDIO MEETUP. I don't have much photos yet so I'll post them later on! After the meetup, we went to city with Beve and Laura to have something to eat and later I toured around shopping centres alone to do some must get- shoppings. I thought I'd show you guys some of the stuff I got :3 Ps. Do you like my (fake) bob?^

SHOES! I was actually only looking for shoes and I was prepared that all my money would go to them so I was really happy to find these Friis&Co. lovelies on sale for only 45 euros!

Some cute accesories from Glitter! They were also very cheap so I just had to take them home , I got these both for less than 15 euros!

New primer Loreal paris' Studio secrets! I got a sample of this long time ago from some magazine and fell in love with it at first try. Texture is really soft and fluffy, it makes your skin appear lot smoother and make-up stays on all day. Scent is really neutral which I like a lot, I hate foundations and primers that have really strong scent. So I'll give thumbs up for this one!

Lumene NATURAL CODE lipstick in #4 Satin coral! I've always been more like pale pink/nude person when it comes to lipsticks, and even coral has been bit out of my comfort zone. When I went to Sokos I thought that the hell, I have to try something else for change. Bright pink would have given me a Johanna Tukiainen- look (google it and be shocked)so I ended up buying this. It has nice and soft texture and really sweet, candylike scent. Me likey!

Go ahead and laugh at my spotty teeth ;__; They've always been like that bohohoo.

This is how it looks on my lips, brings more colour to my face than the pale pink or nude !

Next week I'm going to go and get my promdress from the dress store , yay! I bought it long long time ago but I never have time to pick it up. And going to Helsinki by car on rush hours just haven't been very tempting : <

♥ Rady

12 kommenttia:

  1. I like your fake bob haha :---D

    You got nice stuff ** I wanna see that promdress tooooooooo

  2. you are so cute !! I love your pictures :))

  3. I really like your style!

    Dedicated Friis&Co. fan here ; D haha! Didn't know u had that in Finland.. Nice! I'm mostly into their bigger purses tho, but they definitely rock the shoes as well!

  4. Thankies everyone ~

    I also like Friis&Co purses but their quality isn't really nice, mine always break after a while D:

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