maanantai 21. helmikuuta 2011

Glamorous night '11


Senior play and prom preparations has kept super busy for last week ,that's why I haven't been very active blogger. My apologies!

Anyways, here's the moment everyone's been waiting fooor.... (Or not?)


Isn't it pretty? ;A; It ended up being bit big, I tested it on december and it was perfect fit but I guess I lost some weight after that, we had to use sport tape so it wouldn't slide. And Tanja was also so pretty, don't you think?

One of the only good pictures of me and my pair eventhough it's too light, we were making stupid faces in most of the pictures :--D

In between the two shows we had, I had the most delicious meal in a long long time!

Sweet potato soup!(It was the best thing ever since I looove sweet potato ;_;)

Chicken with pesto filling and Italian risotto!

Mudcake with blueberry sauce and icecream! Whole meal was sooo yummy and I was so full after it ;_; Lots of luv!

The second show went much better on my part than the first one, I was really nervous on the first one and that nervousness turned into horrible stomach ache. On the second show I wasn't nervous at all and dancing felt easier C:!

Even the afterparty went pretty smoothly, so all I can say is that I had an awesome day! And thank god our winter break started after prom, all the stress about prom and senior play (which was day before prom) was so tiring. I think I'm having an eyelid inflammation which means no make-up which means not being able to go out for a while so I guess I'll be having a lot of time to rest and play videogames ! :--D

♥ Rady

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  1. Oh my! Your dress was amaaaazing and you looked gorgeous! It stands out so much compared to everyone else.

    I hope your eye get better soon~ must suck. :(

  2. Aw you look so cute! : D The food at my school's prom wasn't that amazing.. I didn't go, but a lot of my friends did and they said that the food was just tacky and not very good..

  3. Ihana mekko T_____T ♡ ♡ ♡ Muutenkin toi look oli ihan täydellinen! Meikki, hiukset, kaikki!! XD ♡

    Yaaaaay! Videopelejä!! XDD ♡ ♡ Mä oon ite kanssa kipeenä mut ei oo vielä tarpeeks kuumetta et voisin jäädä kotiin pelaamaan XDD
    Toivottavasti sun silmä parantuu pian!! ♡ ♡

  4. toi camilla vai mikä lie ois kyl kaivannu hiuksiinsa vähä jotai...............

  5. älyttömän upee mekko! ♥ toi on kivan erikoinen ja NIIN nätti!

  6. Seukkaatko kenenkään kaa?

  7. Toi sun mekko on ihana ja toi sininen mekko, joka on sun kaverin :) Kirjotanpa taas selkeesti...

  8. Dolly : Thank you, I wanted to get a dress that stands put :3

    나니 : Thankies! That food wasn't actually our schools food, our school lunch wasn't really that good ... :D

    Coco: Kiitoos ! Kerrankin hyvä syy olla vaan laiska ja pelata >D

    Ano 1: Jaaa miksi se pitää minulle ilmoittaa :---D?

    chinsa: Kiitos! Pisti kaupassa silmään just sen takia kun se oli niin erilainen kuin yleensä ;A;

    Ano2: En seukkaa~

    Selma Kiitos ja varmaan tarkoitat tota Irenen vaaleansinistä mekkoa, se oli tosi upea livenä, ihanan raikkaan värinen ;_;

  9. and thanks to my father :DDDD eiks ollutkin hyvää?:) ite olin ihan älyttömän täynnä :D

  10. OMG your blog is so adorable !!
    And you are so pretty ! I will follow you now pretty gal <3333
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    thanks so much <3

  11. A lot of beautiful dresses*-*
    and you´re looking stunning ;3

  12. Oikeesti, en hirveesti tykkää mekoista, mut pakko sanoo et sun on ihan sairaan yliupee. o__o ♥