maanantai 28. helmikuuta 2011

Plastic eyes


I haven't showed you guys my new lenses that I got for prom yet, so today I took some pictures before going to school ! And yay, my eye is feeling good again!

I only realized while editing these that I really should trim my bangs a little......WHEN DID THEY GET THAT LONG?

They're Magic eye Vanilla Brown from cybershop, first I was planning to buy GEO Angel Brown but I was afraid that they wouldn't arrive in time so got these to do the job! I don't like the desing as much as the GEOs Angel serie desings but the color is really nice I think!

And here they are in their froggy case!

As an irrelevant extra, rilakkuma inspired nails I did while ago. I'm trying to grow my own nails a bit so I'm trying to avoid using tips !~

♥ Rady

Ps. I'm apologizing in advance that I'm still going to be a bad blogger for a while, matriculation exams are coming soon and I have to study a lot ;_;

maanantai 21. helmikuuta 2011

Glamorous night '11


Senior play and prom preparations has kept super busy for last week ,that's why I haven't been very active blogger. My apologies!

Anyways, here's the moment everyone's been waiting fooor.... (Or not?)


Isn't it pretty? ;A; It ended up being bit big, I tested it on december and it was perfect fit but I guess I lost some weight after that, we had to use sport tape so it wouldn't slide. And Tanja was also so pretty, don't you think?

One of the only good pictures of me and my pair eventhough it's too light, we were making stupid faces in most of the pictures :--D

In between the two shows we had, I had the most delicious meal in a long long time!

Sweet potato soup!(It was the best thing ever since I looove sweet potato ;_;)

Chicken with pesto filling and Italian risotto!

Mudcake with blueberry sauce and icecream! Whole meal was sooo yummy and I was so full after it ;_; Lots of luv!

The second show went much better on my part than the first one, I was really nervous on the first one and that nervousness turned into horrible stomach ache. On the second show I wasn't nervous at all and dancing felt easier C:!

Even the afterparty went pretty smoothly, so all I can say is that I had an awesome day! And thank god our winter break started after prom, all the stress about prom and senior play (which was day before prom) was so tiring. I think I'm having an eyelid inflammation which means no make-up which means not being able to go out for a while so I guess I'll be having a lot of time to rest and play videogames ! :--D

♥ Rady

maanantai 14. helmikuuta 2011

Studio pictures, finally!


Here's some of the studioshoot photos I promised to post. I was supposed to post these on weekend but I was working all weekend and I was dead tired when I got home so I just went straight to bed. And today is Valentines day which to me means nothing-special-to-do- day I thought I'd post these now!


You can see my full outfit here, my favourite point is SPICYHOLIC stockings~ My new hair curler that I showed few posts ago decided to not turn on that morning, I was really pissed and I suck at styling straight hair...It just looks so messy, and the raind didn't exactly help either... ;_;

W/ Laura, while Silja and Beve were modeling for nail catalog!

THIS IS MY ULTIMATE FAVOURITE PHOTO!♥ Me and my girls, looking royal lol !

Ok, I wont spam anymore pictures, there would be tons of photos but I just wanted to share the best ones ~ ! I wish I had more photos of my second outfit though, I liked it a lot too ;__;

Sooo what do you think ?

keskiviikko 9. helmikuuta 2011

I shop, therefore I am.

EXAM WEEK= OVER. Life begins again ;______;

Last weekend I relieved my schoolstress by going to STUDIO MEETUP. I don't have much photos yet so I'll post them later on! After the meetup, we went to city with Beve and Laura to have something to eat and later I toured around shopping centres alone to do some must get- shoppings. I thought I'd show you guys some of the stuff I got :3 Ps. Do you like my (fake) bob?^

SHOES! I was actually only looking for shoes and I was prepared that all my money would go to them so I was really happy to find these Friis&Co. lovelies on sale for only 45 euros!

Some cute accesories from Glitter! They were also very cheap so I just had to take them home , I got these both for less than 15 euros!

New primer Loreal paris' Studio secrets! I got a sample of this long time ago from some magazine and fell in love with it at first try. Texture is really soft and fluffy, it makes your skin appear lot smoother and make-up stays on all day. Scent is really neutral which I like a lot, I hate foundations and primers that have really strong scent. So I'll give thumbs up for this one!

Lumene NATURAL CODE lipstick in #4 Satin coral! I've always been more like pale pink/nude person when it comes to lipsticks, and even coral has been bit out of my comfort zone. When I went to Sokos I thought that the hell, I have to try something else for change. Bright pink would have given me a Johanna Tukiainen- look (google it and be shocked)so I ended up buying this. It has nice and soft texture and really sweet, candylike scent. Me likey!

Go ahead and laugh at my spotty teeth ;__; They've always been like that bohohoo.

This is how it looks on my lips, brings more colour to my face than the pale pink or nude !

Next week I'm going to go and get my promdress from the dress store , yay! I bought it long long time ago but I never have time to pick it up. And going to Helsinki by car on rush hours just haven't been very tempting : <

♥ Rady

torstai 3. helmikuuta 2011

Wedding look!

Hello peeps!

Sorry for not updating for a while, I'm having a test week at school and my psychology baccalaureate (fyi, it's a final exam in Finnish highschool) is soon :< I have so much things to do but I'll try to write as much as I can!

This one is only a quick update also, some pictures from my dads wedding from last weekend! Actually, they got married while ago but just now they had a small coffeeparty for friends and family C:

For some reason,I really liked how my make-up turned out that day!

We were bored before quests arrived so we camwhored a little with my sister. I look pretty much the same in both photos ...

My outfit! Pretty simple but I liked it,I got a reason to wear that dress I bought last summer again ~

Pictures of food, just because food is gooood♥

I'll have to get back to study so this will stay super short, I'm sorry :< I'll promise to post more often and more interesting stuff as soon as my test week ends!