tiistai 18. tammikuuta 2011

Hair is a filamentous biomaterial

Title from wikipedia,lol. Couldn't come up with anything so I googled ''hair is'' ....

But anyways,I did something dramatic to my hair!

I'm blonde now! I got my new hair last friday and over the weekend I bleached my hair. I these photos it looks still bit yellow but now it's pretty nice nice, thanks to Colormask silver. ;A; What do you think?

I made a ''short'' video talking about hair products and stuff, I meant it to be about 5 mins long buut....... I babbled.That one almost straight hair annoys me A LOT. Hope I'm not too boring, I tried to talk slooowly.

Only in finnish sorry!
I wasn't confident enough to make a video in english ,sorry ;__; You can probably see how nervous I was....Talking alone made me feel so akward!

Here's the stuff I showed on the video!
OBH NORDICA Björn Axen tools Volumaster
OBH NORDICA curling iron
OBH NORDICA Björn Axen tools 25 mm curling iron
Remington straigthener
Colormask Silver
Goldwell Rich repair ( recorded the video before I tried these, now I can say that theý work wonders!)

Hairtrade is my favourite place to buy extensions from. There's also lots of hair products and electronics there! C:

If you have any question feel free to ask!

12 kommenttia:

  1. cuuuuute >w< !!
    dream hair hehehehe

  2. JA MÄ OON SE PUNANEN?!??!?!?! :DDDDDD mutta tui joku kreetta monologiaa pitämäs :)

  3. 10 pistettä ja papukaijamerkki! Having a monologue is fun!

  4. Amazing change of hair style!
    I like it so muuuch *________*
    It looks great on you =)

  5. IHANAT HIUKSET!! *---* Oot tosi sulonen! Blondi käy sulle tosi hyvin ^---^

  6. your hair look good.
    human hair extensions can be your best choice. you can have a try.

  7. human hair extensions is made from the real hair,which match your hair naturally.