maanantai 10. tammikuuta 2011

Gal meet up vol 6(66)!

Hi guys!
Here's some Gal meetup 6 photos as promised! I took most of these from Facebook ( I hope no one minds) , photos I took sucked XD

Look of the day! Thnx Amanda for the photo~

Beautiful gals♥

yay shopping cart yay

w/ Laura, being macho.

We were just eating, chatting and taking photos the whole day but I had nice time, it has been too long since I had seen most of them! Hope to see you guys again soon~


7 kommenttia:

  1. you girls look sooo great!
    love your outfit!!

  2. Kaikki galit söpöinä niinko aina. ♥ Sun tukka ja outfit on ihan mahtavat!

  3. tää asu on niin über stylish... *-* varmaan ihanimpia asuja mitä sulta muistan!♥

  4. i love your outfit!!
    you are very cute! *_*♥