keskiviikko 18. joulukuuta 2013

A place to be

 Guess what?
I'm moving into a new apartment!

My apartment's going to be in the heart of Helsinki, at a better location I could've ever dreamed of. 
It's cute and quite small, but it felt like home the moment I stepped in.

I've also caught a little interior design bug. Being a tiny one room apartment, it's going to be a little challenge to decorate.

I really would kill to have an apartment that looked like this...

....Or had a bed like this....

.... Had fabulous living room like this...

... Or a kitchen with black bar table like this.

My apartment's layout is actually bit like this!
I have a cute loft bed and a teeny tiny open kitchen.
The loft bed is the coolest thing ever I swear.

Any tips on how to make a super small apartment look nice ? I really like black and white when it comes to interior desing !

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  1. Onnea uudesta kodista! Tee sitten asuntopostaus kun on valmista? :)

  2. Nice interia ideas! Thank you for sharing :D

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