perjantai 14. joulukuuta 2012

Sponsored post; Vassen Rainbow eyes Grayish blue

A while ago, Shoppingholics sent me another pair of lenses for me to review! This time, I got a pair from brand that was completely new for me; Vassen.

Cutely packaged box of goodies included the lenses, lens cases shaped like balloon fish (..I think?) and Os'mei eye mask.

Tried on the eye mask, I wish I had more of these! It felt really refreshing and cooling, I think my eye bags size of Siberia shrunk down a bit too. 

AAAAND now to the lenses!

First of all, the lenses look huuuuuge! The diameter is only 14,5mm but for some reason they look bigger than any of the lenses I currently own. The small diameter makes them way more comfy than lenses that are close 16mm. The design is really pretty, I like how the two colors mix up *--*

I was surprised how brown these lenses look! Because my eyes are blueish- green, I was expecting that these would look really blue. Which might actually be good thing, I have never like a single pair of blueish lenses but these are really really nice!

These lenses are available in 0.00 to -8.00 prescription. Get yours from here! And don't forget to use my discount code 1000161850 to get 2 USD discount!

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  1. wow they look gorgeous! and you too!

  2. Voi miten ihanat piilarit!! En oo uskaltanut kokeilla vielä tuon värisiä mutta nyt uskallan kyllä!! (^uu^) ♥♥ Sain samanlaiset silmänpussijutut ja ajattelin tänään niitä kokeilla!!

    1. Itekki jännitti, onneksi uskalsin valita! Tykkään näistä hurjasti :3 haluisin lisää noita silmäpussijuttujaki!