maanantai 9. huhtikuuta 2012

Family meet!

 Hallo folks!
Last friday we had a little house party at Nemo's   ( called family meet, that explains the title a bit! ). It's sort of a tradition and it's always something I really look forward to :3

 I put a lot of effort into doing my hair that day and because of that I didn't have much time to choose my outfit so I just picked an outfit I showed on my last post. Kinda boring to wear same outfit often but I liked my hairdo so much that I could cope with it.

To make everyone hungry ; awesome and super delicious rasberry cheesecake Juho had baked for us. He also brought chocolate easter eggs so we could have an easter egg hunt! :3

 Finally some photos with girlies! Usually all the photos from family meets are too random to be posted... Anyways, me with mah girls Nemo , Inka and Puni !

 Every party post's obligatory drink photo. Blueberry shots were yummy!

Next morning's activities ; kebab box art and making the ultimate easter egg suprise from all the fugly toys we got from the easter eggs! 

Anyways, I had a great start for the weekend and the rest of the weekend was quite awesome as well ! more about that later on ~ 


13 kommenttia:

  1. ah! the blueberry shots! and the cheesecake! and your hair!!<3

  2. how do you get so much volume in your hair ^-^?
    would you make a tutorial about your haitdo sometime?
    looks very cute!

    1. Sre I can ake a tutorial :3 My technique is actually quite simple : tease the fuck out of your hair lol

  3. Aww, you all look so lovely. Where do you buy your hair extensions? My hair almost looks like that without hair extensions, except it's deathly straight. I want curls!

  4. that raspberry cheesecake looks yummy~~ i'm drooling already @v@

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