torstai 31. maaliskuuta 2011

What I've been doing lately

Hello guys!

I've been about to update since... monday? Days have just quickly passed and I've just been too lazy.


...been to a black&white party!

I can't even remember when it's been so windy that it was that day, it ruined my hair and I had to re-glue my lashes.....


Later we went to some crappy karaoke place, only me and Nao sang though.XD Karaoke must be the best and the worst invention in the whole world.

Me and the birthday girl Nao ♥!

...eaten shitloads of good food!

Blue cupcakes we did on monday!

Have I ever mentioned that I love everything with chèvre? Well now I have! Chèvrepasta is heavenly ♥

Lime frozen yogurt,melon,whipped cream & strawberry sorbet! I wish it was summer already so I'd have an excuse for eating lots of ice cream... My healthy eating plan isn't going very well as you can see...

...been annoyed by my destroyed view.

Used to have a good view from my bedroom, especially on summer when the trees are nice and green but now they started to build something and now ..... it just looks horrible ;_; Next week they're starting to do somekind of explosion stuff, some people came earlier this week to check if this building can take it... DISLIKE THIS A LOT.


11 kommenttia:

  1. wäääh oot liian nätskä kaikis kuvis.... ; __ ;

  2. ihana, joku puksun spussein baari ja sen spussein vessa ja viel toi karpalolonkku tos XDD hahah. Yhyyy oot nätti joka kuvas♥

    t. NAO<3<3<33

  3. Röspe: Kiitoos ;_; ♥

    Nao: Älä vaan, just tollanen räkälöiden räkälä ja keski-ikä jotain plus 40 XD Ja mau kiitos ;_; !♥

  4. NOMNOM frozen yoghurt nomnommmm! : D

  5. Älkääpäs nyt puksun baari on varmasti niinq hienoin baari koko helsingissä eiku.

    t. Petrrraaa.

  6. Petra: Siis tietenkin,tosi luksus ja high-end mesta jossa kaikki helsingin tyylikkäät ihmiset käy >D!